Can I Download a New Garmin Dash Cam Viewer for 2024 Now?

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So where can you get a Garmin Dash Cam Viewer download?

Note: New downloads of the Garmin Dash Cam Viewer Player software have been discontinued. This means that Garmin no longer offers a desktop application that supports the management of your device’s video files; however, many common third-party programs exist which can fulfill this purpose. Some are usually built into the computer (such as Windows Media Player and QuickTime) and others (such as VLC Media Player) can be found online.

Does Garmin provide good driving safety solutions?

Where can you find a dash cam where you can know exactly where your vehicle is located and what speed it is doing?

Research reveals that Garmin cameras offer reliable recording for drivers together with some excellent safety features.

The dash cam Tandem from Garmin is available on Amazon and is a good buy. Why should you get it from Amazon? You’re getting good value when you buy from the giant retailer. There are always deals as well to ensure you can make some savings.

Amazon has in stock the compact dual-lens Tandem dash cam from Garmin. It’s easy to install and remove with its magnetic mount.

Do small dash cams have sufficient features?

Mini dash cams can deliver sufficient video and recording if you buy your dash cam from a reputable company. The tandem mini dash cam from Garmin features a couple of 180° lenses so you get sharp images and total coverage day and night. GO HERE to see more details.

Through the Auto Sync feature, the dash cam also has the means to hook up and manage 4 Garmin dash cams. It means different footage from different angles to ensure all-encompassing footage.

Because of the dash cam’s NightGlo night vision technology, drivers and passengers are always clearly captured by the interior camera. This is a great perk for Uber drivers.

The Tandem offers 1440p resolution on its exterior-facing cam. You get 720p on the interior

Does the Garmin Tandem have any limitations?

Because of its dual cameras, the Garmin Tandem doesn’t have a screen so Garmin dash cam viewer would be useless anyway. When you read customer reviews on Amazon, customers are disappointed with this missing feature – no Garmin dash cam viewer on this one.

Nonetheless the voice operation lets you send commands to your device. You’re able to maintain your focus on the road. You can say things such as ‘save video’ or ‘stop audio’ without using your hands to control the dash cam.

With the Dash Cam Tandem, Garmin has ensured you get a small dash cam with a full-house of features. The features are all packed into the dash cam that measures just 2.2 x 1.6 x 0.9 inches.

Garmin’s Tandem dash cam also comes with a GPS to automatically set the date and time.

Also included is the optional Parking Mode feature. Even when your car is parked and unattended, it has constant monitoring and recording of events around it.

There’s a large button on the back. Use it to save video, warn of errors, pair with Bluetooth and show you that you’re connected by means of USB. You also get the microSD card slot, the microphone button and the micro-USB port.

What’s included in the Garmin Tandem’s box?

  • The Garmin Tandem dash cam
  • User manual
  • Magnetic mount
  • 16 GB Micro SD card
  • 13 foot USB cable
  • 5 foot USB cable
  • Dual USB plug in power adapter
  • Documentation

Where can I get Garmin product news?

You can get your dash cam from Garmin and from Amazon and get your questions answered as well as product news and inspiration.

Mounted to your windscreen, this dash cam from Garmin makes your road trips all the more safer. It captures everything that happens while you’re on the road.

You can be sure that a high-end dash cam viewer from Garmin captures additional data not seen on other dash cams. Features such as tracking your location via GPS or Alexa integration ensures you have the best.

Interested in the Garmin Tandem dash cam? Wanting to know where to get it? Garmin is an established brand that offers dash cams with GPS capabilities and ease of use.

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