Why the AUTO-VOX Rearview Mirror Camera Impresses

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With a rear-view dash cam, you get an unobscured HD image of your vehicle’s reverse. With an AUTO-VOX rearview mirror camera review, you’ll discover that this particular dash cam has been greatly improved over previous models.

The main unit of the AUTO-VOX V5 mounts to your rear-view mirror. It has 3 different parts – front- and rear camera and GPS antenna.

With the rear cam, AUTO-VOX provides mounting tape to attach the camera inside the rear window. Both front and rear cameras record video in 1080p.

What do you get in the AUTO-VOX box?

● Two cameras
● GPS module
● 2 straps to mount the camera
● License plate mount for the rear camera
● Extension cord for the rear camera
● Auxiliary power supply with USB port
● Warranty Card
● User manual

How to install an AUTO-VOX mirror cam

The first thing to install is the front camera. This is done by unmounting the existing rearview mirror. You leave the mounting base in place.

The V5 Pro kit comes with 4 adapters. They fit almost every model of vehicle. Once the camera is mounted, you plug it in. The camera plugs into your fuse box, giving it a constant source of power.

The AUTO-VOX V5 Pro dash cam just makes you feel safer on the road. You can have confidence with the AUTO-VOX brand too. They are a trusted, reputable manufacturer with an excellent reputation.

This particular dash cam from AUTO-VOX provides drivers with a split-screen display feature and comes with a seriously easy installation. It uses an OEM bracket for the monitor installation.

What are the useful features of the AUTO-VOX?

● The AUTO-VOX V5 has a large screen too – a 9.35-inch full screen with an anti-glare feature and promising a greater field of vision. The display screen is always easy to read under any conditions.

● You don’t require a car charger for this dash cam but you can connect it to the fuse box, as mentioned. The touchscreen provides lots of useful functions. You can switch between the front and rear displays.

● The dash cam, with package dimensions of 11.61 x 4.65 x 4.53 inches supports rear, front, and front- and rear at the same time. A touch on the screen allows you to switch them how you want. With such a feature, you are always aware of what’s going on around you.

● This AUTO-VOX rearview mirror camera has another useful feature. Its adjustable Parking Lines make parking an easy task. The feature gives you an idea of distances as you park. The dash cam is equipped with a supercapacitor and offers excellent temperature resistance. You never have to be concerned with the explosions of your device.

● The front camera has a 145°viewing angle, and 150° degrees for the rear camera. The rearview camera has 2 brackets and you can stick the camera on the rear windshield. Some people attach it to the license plate.

● The rear camera has a useful feature in that it has blue light-resistant glass and a Sony sensor. This means you’ll always see well even when you get someone behind you with bright blue halogen headlights.

Is the AUTO-VOX rearview mirror camera worth buying?

It’s easy to be confused by all the different dash cams there are. There are some vehicles that lack rearview mirrors and reversing them becomes hazardous.

This AUTO-VOX rearview mirror camera model is worth a look-see. It replaces your rearview mirror and makes a superb parking camera. Customer reviews reveal that it’s an excellent choice for most dash cam enthusiasts.

Read customer reviews and you will see that the AUTO-VOX V5 excels in that it isn’t only a dash cam. It is also a backup camera too. While customer reviews are mostly good, some people expressed disappointment at it not having advanced features such as cloud storage.

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