Which Dash Cam is Best?

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For my money (and for yours) the best dash cam available at Amazon in 2024 is the Chortau dual dash cam. It packs a lot features and benefits at a reasonable price. There are some possible glitches that might occur with the camera. But I’ll tell you what they are later so you can avoid them or overcome them if things go pear-shaped.

What makes the Chortau the best dash cam for 2024?

The Chortau is the best dash cam front and rear because:

  • It’s really affordable – the Chortau is nearer to $50 than to $100, i.e. the best dash cam under $100
  • Simplicity itself to mount and operate
  • Simple build and operation means there is a lot less to go wrong
  • Front and rear cameras (many expensive dash cams operate with a front rear only, which makes them only 50% useful IMO)
  • Loop recording to get maximum use of the SD card
  • Parking monitor included

Is this the best dash camera solution for a car?

The Chortau is good for a car, SUV, pickup, truck or semil – and Uber drivers and truckers like the Chortau because it’s so affordable and hardy. It’s also quite unobtrusive, which all Chortau users like.

Possible problems with the Chortau

  • SD card. The problem is not the SD card or the camera as such. Just make sure you buy the correct card and pre-format the card.
  • Some users have found that the camera stops operating during a crash. However, this is a risk with many dash cams as the nature of an accident is that the camera gets jolted around.
  • Any problems you might encounter with the Chortau can be fixed by support. Fortunately the brand offers good assistance.
  • Also the warranty is generous, so jump in now to buy.
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