What’s the Best Dash Cam Front and Rear (3 Channels)?

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The best front and rear dash cams record what is happening in front of you as well as behind you – and inside the car – when you’re on the roads. If you’re involved in a car accident, the best dash cam front and rear can play a significant role in any investigation.

Accidents don’t only happen front-on but also from the rear. For many people who battle with reversing into a parking area, accidents happen here too. These rear dash cams can assist to get you into parking bays without you bumping into any cars.

Best dash cam front and rear?

When you start looking at what the top features are of the best dash cam front and rear, the resolution is key. The higher the resolution, the more detail the camera is able to capture. The Vantrue N4 3 Channel 4K Dash Cam records action to the rear, to the front, and inside your car. Dash cams are available from Amazon at a huge range of prices.

You’ll find that the Vantrue N4 3 has 4 infrared LEDs that will light up the cabin of the car once it’s dark. With Sony Starvis CMOS sensor, you can be sure that this dash cam comes with the latest imaging sensors. They are designed for surveillance camera applications.

Supercapacitor-based batteries

These dash cams use either lithium-ion-based and supercapacitor-based batteries. The Vantrue is supercapacitor-powered instead of lithium batteries. This is ideal for hot areas such as Arizona and Texas, offering more reliability and durability. It also gives a longer lifespan than lithium battery dash cams.

Great for transportation companies such as Uber

The Vantrue N4 features a 2.45″ screen. To the right of the screen is the interior camera. It can be rotated up and down to get a good view of the interior of the car, making it the best dash cam front and rear with 3 different channels.

On the left-hand side, there is a small reset button, the SD card slot, and also an HDMI out port. The power cable of the camera connects to the mount so that if you ever want to remove the camera, you don’t have to unplug the power cable.

With the front camera, the Vantrue gives 1440p resolution and 1080p with the interior and rear cameras. It supports time-lapse parking modes and you can record at 1 or at 5 frames per second. With the time-lapse, the camera can sustain longer operational periods.

Drawback: Rear clarity not that good

The cabin camera is capable of recording excellent video during the day and good video at night. With the IR LEDs on, those who know this dash cam say that passengers in the front seats are easily visible, but those in the back seats aren’t clear.

When you order the Vantrue dash cam with a suction cup mount you get:

  • a rear camera with an extension cable of 20 feet
  • a user manual
  • quick guide
  • car charger with type C USB cable
  • adhesive sticker
  • type C USB data cable of 3 feet

External GPS module

You get all-around 360°full protection and the camera can record front, back, and inside simultaneously. Depending on these dash cams, you’ll find that the GPS module is either installed in the camera or has an external module. However, with the Vantrue camera, you get an external GPS module that can record the vehicle’s speed, its location, and its route.

You may think that it’s enough to have a full view of the road up ahead but it’s not because what about the rear? Having a rear dash cam gives you that extra protection.

The Vantrue rear and front dash cam is the answer you need when faced with all kinds of false accusations with regards to the car accident you were in. The Vantrue is a dash camera that can spare you a lot of frustration for being wrongly held liable in an accident.

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