What’s Up with the Chortau B-T13 Dash Cam?

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Some people want a dash cam with a lot of bells and whistles while others prefer something straightforward. A Chortau dash cam is ideal for the latter.

Manufacturers and companies have to compete for customers’ dollars. They have to bring out dash cams with basic functionality or with sophisticated features to suit every customer.

So what’s up with the Chortau dash cams? Do they allow their user’s options? What kind of customer seeks out the Chortau Dual Dash cam B-T13 with its 170° wide-angle lens?

What’s in the box with the Chortau dash cam?

● the Chortau Dual Dash Cam B-T13
● a user manual
● a waterproof rear camera
● mini USB cable
● cigar lighter car charger power cord
● adjustable mount

What standout feature sets the Chortau B-T13 apart?

With dimensions of 76mm x 41mm x 15mm, motorists appreciate that the Chortau dual dash cam takes care of both front and rear angles instead of just the front. The dash cam comes with a suction cup for mounting. Once you set the camera up, the swivel design means you can point it to where you need it.

The camera is monitoring the front and the back simultaneously. The videos that the camera takes are stored on the memory card for easy access.

The Chortau dual dash cam offers motorists super night vision as well. This is because of the 6pcs LED, infrared lights, and super night vision technology. This is possible even in low-light conditions.

Does the Chortau dash cam give any hassles?

While the Chortau B-T13 dash cam is very affordable, it has a few limitations. Maybe that’s why it’s so cheap.

Video quality is average for the front camera but poor at night. But it can pick up license plates at 10 feet away in daylight. Anything beyond this distance is blurry.

Larger details are clear enough for footage to be used as evidence in court. The front camera records 1080p video at 30fps. The rear camera records at 480p, making its video quality at night poor.

Also, memory card errors are a common problem with users. You should buy a high-quality microSD card.

When you look at customer reviews on the Chortau B-T13, you find that not everyone is thrilled with the camera.

It offers a 3” display with 6 infrared sensors. Error notifications are displayed on the screen but you won’t have any audio notifications. Admittedly the icons and date stamp are so tiny you can scarcely see them when driving.

The camera includes 1080p resolution, a parking mode, and motion detection. The onboard G-sensor will register collisions and starts to automatically record footage.

You should know that camera doesn’t come with GPS or wireless connectivity.

Is the Chortau dash cam worth the money?

As a budget-friendly dash cam, the Chortau Dual Dash Cam offers the user some quality features at an affordable price. Even though it has several drawbacks, it is still a good, basic dash cam for a pick up or SUV. It’s true that dash cams at this price will inevitably lack something.

Video quality isn’t particularly good and its lack of wireless connectivity and GPS are disappointingly absent. Nonetheless, for others, it’s one of the best dash cams without a full house of bells and whistles and with an affordable price tag. So go for it!

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