Here are some of the the top dash cam brands available in the US now. Be sure to check out our Buyers Guide for more Info so you can be sure to pick a model that’s best for your vehicle.
Car brands include Mazda vehicles, Volkswagen, Toyota and RAM.



What is the Best 4 Channel Dash Cam?

PRUVEEO 4 Channel Dash Cam

Here’s the favorite dash cam of the year: the PRUVEEO dash cam is the best 4 channel dash cam available at Amazon now. Read more and get one here.

Best Selling Dash Cam at Amazon: Rove R2-4K Review

Best Selling Dash Cam at Amazon

The Rove R2-4K is hands down the bestselling dash cam at Amazon. Even better, it’s homegrown in America for United States conditions. Get the special now.

Advice: Investing in a Nexar Camera for Your Vehicle

Nexar Camera Installed

Looking for a sophisticated, all-round dash cam for any vehicle? Look no further to Nexar cameras for SUV, van, truck, sedan, sports car or pickup.

The Nexar Beam Dash Cam – Game-Changer for Road Safety

Nexar Beam Review

The Nexar Beam is a solid, reliable dash cam solution for any kind of vehicle. Read Mario’s review here and order your Beam at Amazon via the convenient links.

The Best Rear View Camera for Cars: Wolfbox G840S and Beyond

Best Rear View Camera for Cars

Here’s a nifty rear view camera for cars- and its simple to install and affordable. Read my full review of the Wolfbox and order one now. Never look back again.

An Overview of Rove Dash Cams: Your Road Safety Companion

Rove Dash Cams

US-made Rove dash cameras have the trust of truck, car, pickup, van and SUV drivers. Find out more about this technologically sophisticated brand.

The Ultimate Guide to Thinkware U1000: A Comprehensive Review and Installation Guide

Thinkware u1000

Here is a sophisticated dash cam system for any vehicle. Protect yourself, your car and its precious passengers by installing the Thinkware U1000 now.

Garmin Mini 2 Review: Unleashing the Power of Portable Navigation

Garmin Mini 2 Review

The Garmin Mini 2 is the ideal companion for our adventures. Navigate and record your journeys with this no-hassle, compact little dash cam. Read the review here.

Exploring the Viofo A119 V3 Dash Cam: A Comprehensive Review

viofo a119 v3

It may be the best dash cam for a truck – or any other vehicle. Read about the ever-popular Viofo a119 v3 dash cam. Here’s my comprehensive review with photos.

My Review of the Nextbase 622GW Dash Cam

Nextbase 622GW Review

Considering getting a work horse dash cam for your vehicle? the Nextbase 622GW covers all the bases, plus it’s affordable and easy to install. Read the review here.