What’s the Best Mazda 3 Dash Cam?

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A dash cam is easy to attach to the Mazda 3, a family hatch. Because Mazda is into simplicity, you want a dash cam that is also simple but which can deliver impressive footage. But what’s the best Mazda 3 dash cam you can buy?

The great thing about dash cams today is that most of them have been tested and ranked. These dash cams simply make motoring safe. They’re attached to your windscreen and their footage can be used to prove your innocence in a car accident.

Best Mazda 3 dash cam – the Rove R2-4K

Mazda 3 owners love the affordable Rove R2-4K dash cam. It comes with two mounting systems that suit your preferences. It’s known for its super clear videos.

With its 150° field of view, it can capture everything happening on the roads. It also comes with a host of features. These are among others, GPS, parking mode feature, loop cycle recording and built in wifi.

It supports a MicroSD card up to 128GB. The Rove R2 also features an ultra low light sensor which means good clear images in low-light conditions. The 2.4 inch screen has buttons that are easy to use and include the Menu button, OK button and others. I, Orland, hereby select the Rove R2-4K as the best Mazda 3 dash cam.

Vantrue N4 3 Channel 4K Dash Cam

The Vantrue N4 records 3 video channels – recording to the rear, front and inside your car. The interior view of this dash cam for Mazda 3 is assisted by 4 infrared LEDs that light up the interiors when it gets dark.

The power cable of the dash cam connects to the mount and not to the actual camera. This means there is no need to unplug the power cable if you want to remove the camera.

The Vantrue N4 comes with a 2.45″ screen and several buttons that allow you to control the dash cam.

The Vantrue N4 records at 1440p resolution with the front camera. For the rear it is 1080p. You can also set the N4 to start recording when any impact is detected by the G-sensor. The Vantrue N4 is my runner-up as best Mazda 3 dash cam.

Thinkware Q800PRO Dash Cam

The Thinkware Q800Pro dash cam offers drivers a high-definition QHD -2K camera. This means you can expect excellent image and videos with a 140°wide-angle view.

This Thinkware model also has a dedicated smartphone app. In fact, you can run the camera by way of the app so as to adjust settings and manage files.

When you order the Thinkware Q800Pro you get the dash cam itself, a mounting plate, 12-volt power cord, cable clips, quick-start guide, warranty slip and the micro SD card adapter.

The Thinkware Q800Pro doesn’t come with a micro SD card. You will need one to store photo and video footage. Customer reviews on Amazon reveal that most customers are delighted with this dash cam.

They love the video quality and that even difficult things such as licence plate are easy to see and distinguish.

VIOFO A129 Duo Dual Lens Dash Cam

Okay admittedly the Viofo A129 Pro isn’t the easiest dash cam to use or fit. It doesn’t come with a suction mount but there are adhesive pads.

It does have some good features, one of which is the excellent video quality. It’s because of the 8-megapixel Sony sensor that records in 4K at 30fps.

Day or night, you get great picture quality. This dash cam doesn’t come packed with features. Most people appreciate this as it still has the important ones. These are a GPS, a G-sensor and parking mode.

If you want to download videos to your phone there is wifi. It also comes with a standard power adapter for a 12V socket. It has two USB ports to charge your phone and power the dash cam.

Research dash cams for Mazda 3

Any of these dash cams can be mounted to the front or rear windscreen of your Mazda 3. Each comes with different features. All of them record road activity which can be downloaded when required.

If you’re looking to install a dash cam in your Mazda 3, each of these dash cams from Amazon are worth doing more research on.

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