Which dash cam is the best to buy?

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So which is the dash cam which best buy? If you know dash cams as well as I do, you’ll know that the best models are from Garmin, Nextbase and BlackVue. Here is a guide so that you find the most affordable and easy-to-install dash cam out there.

What is the best dash cam to buy?

I’ll tell you straight that if I had to buy a dash cam in the next five minutes it would be the BlackVue DR750X-2CH. Dash cam which best buy? This is my pick.

Dash cam which best buy

Here’s why it’s my best buy dashcam:

• Front and rear cameras
• Optional 32G to 256 G memory capacity
• Starvis sensor
• Can be hard-wired for parking mode
• Live View and push notifications to smartphone
• 60 frames per second mean video clarity
• Enables 4G LTE capability (just add Nano SIM card)

TIP: Steer clear of cheap Walmart dash cams. Rather look at the best dash cam Amazon offers on any given day – such as the Garmin dash cam or the BlackVue above.

Which is the best Nextbase dash cam?

The Nextbase 622GW is the best Nextbase dash cam. This dual (front and rear) car camera boasts built-in 360 view. That means it captures near to 180 degrees front and back, making it best the buy dash cam with 360 degree capability.

Video recording takes place at a brisk 30 frames per second and the quality is full 4K ultra high definition. You can change the setting to slow motion (120 frames per second) if you like. A polarizing lens completes the high-clarity camera package.

The Nextbase 622GW works with Bluetooth (wifi to your smart phone).

What’s more, the Nextbase 622GW works with What3Words. This unique embedded security feature is built-in so your precise location is known, even when you are offline, allowing friends, family and emergency services to locate you fast.

No data? No problem! With What3Words you can still call for help.

What’s the best buy dual dash cam?

As I mentioned, I would opt for the Blackvue first and foremost (see review above). But if that was not available, the next top dash cam to buy with dual capabilities and near to 360 vision is the Thinkware U1000, the company’s flagship model. The main pluses of this dash cam are:

• Extremely high video quality
• An advanced driver assistance warning system
• Super Night Vision technology to capture video at night
• Sony Starvis image sensor
• Adjustable 4K/30fps or 2k/60 fps, permitting smoother videos and sharp licence plate reading.

Do you need a front and back dash cam?

You need dual dash cams (front and back) if you require near to 360 degree vision of what is going on around your vehicle as you travel and when the car is stationary, such as in a parking lot. The only time you need a front dash cam only is for recording road trips, not for all-round security.

Is a dash cam worth the money?

Using a dash cam to record all events as you travel or while your car in parked can save you money on insurance and court cases. If there is an incident, you will have proof if anyone causes your car damage and then denies it. Courts of law accept dash cam footage in evidence.

How much does a decent dash cam cost?

One can expect to spend $150 to $600 on an efficient and reliable dash cam or dual dash cam set. Anything cheaper than that might not deliver good video quality and may cease to operate when one needs it most.

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