Be Amazed at the Top Kingslim DL12 Dash Cam

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It can be frustrating dealing with insurance companies and traffic officers. They seem to doubt everything you say. It’s not surprising that motorists are looking at dash cams as an absolute necessity to monitor their road trips. The Kingslim DL12 dash cam could cut the BS.

With a dash cam and being involved in a car accident, you can have accurate evidence at your fingertips. The Kingslim DL12 Pro 4K mirror dash cam is a front and rearview camera which means you get accurate accounts of what is happening behind your car as well as ahead.

A rear dash cam like this can also function as a backup camera, helping you to successfully reverse into all kinds of tricky parking spots.

Kingslim DL12 dash cam settings

The package dimensions of the Kingslim are 13.51 x 4.85 x 2.84 inches, and within these measurements, you get a host of excellent features.

Just for starters, you can adjust the viewing angle by sliding up or down on the left side of the screen. Doing that on the right side gets the brightness of your screen adjusted.

The responsive 12-inch touchscreen gives you access to a host of settings. Later you can also play back any of the recorded videos.

Does the Kingslim operate in extreme weather conditions?

The Kingslim is a heat-resistant car dashcam too. This means that you don’t have to worry about extreme weather conditions. The dashcam operates smoothly in temperatures as high as 140°F and as low as -4°F.

Is the Kingslim a feature-rich dash cam?

The feature-rich Kingslim DL12 comes with lots of features that dash cam users want. It supports up to 256GB TF cards. The card is not included. With the loop recording function, you don’t ever lose important evidence.

A dash cam with this loop recording function records video by overwriting older videos with your new footage. This means that your Kingslim goes on recording even when the SD memory card is full.

With such a feature, your Kingslim never misses anything of what’s happening out on the roads.

Will the Kingslim pick up small details?

When you start looking at the best front and rearview dash cams on Amazon, look for wifi connectivity. LCD screens, and good resolution. The higher the resolution the more detail you can expect from your images.

With the Kingslim DL12 dash cam, you can capture 4K videos, allowing for all small details such as number plates. The dash cam can record videos simultaneously – 2160p and rear 1080P resolution.

That means road signs and license plates can be picked up. Another feature is the Dual Sony Sensor for nighttime vision. The camera has the Sony IMX335 STARVIS sensor, Hisilicon Hi3559 processor as well as WDR technology.

It means recording stunning details even in low light conditions. Add to that front 170° and 150° super-wide viewing angles and you can be sure of having maximum road coverage.

Other useful features include GPS tracking which means your vehicle’s location will always be known. Speed is also recorded which means you can expect reliable evidence, later on, should you be involved in an accident.

Is the Kingslim DL12 dash cam a good buy?

According to dash cam customer reviews on Amazon, the Kingslim is worth it. It has those all-important crystal clear images on the front and rear cameras. Also, the night vision sensors work superbly in low-light conditions.

Users also have that chance to switch between which camera displays on the screen.

The touchscreen has many settings such as the useful parking guard feature that records anything that happens when you’re not there. Overall, this camera is well worth the price.

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