What’s the # 1 Best Selling Dash Cam at Amazon Now?

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The best selling dash cam now is the Chortau dual cam.

The cool thing about buying from Amazon.com is that you always get plenty of information on a product. Customer reviews also guide you as to whether the product is worthy of the money.

Amazon also updates lists of top-selling products by the hour. Are there any best selling dash cams at Amazon? Oh yes, and it’s a dash cam from Chortau – a front and rear dual dash cam packed with lots of features and easy to set up. This Amazon best-selling dash cam is easily set up with a suction cup.

With dimensions 3 x 1.6 x 0.6 inches, the Chortau Dual Dash Cam 3 inch is simple to install, attaching to your windshield with a suction cup. That’s why it’s best selling dash cam at Amazon today.

The 3-inch display means you don’t have to resort to your phone for camera-captured footage. Videos store on a Micro SD Card 32GB which isn’t included.

Start your car and the dash cam goes into action

The Chortau 3 inch is equipped with a front camera with full HD 1080P resolution and a 170° angle view. The waterproof rear camera captures everything in a 130° radius.

When you start your car, the dash cam goes into action. What people really appreciate is the display screen that shows full rear view complete with parking guidelines. Reversing into parking spaces can be a nightmare.

However, it’s easy peasy with the help of the waterproof rearview camera.

Cool features of the Chortau Dual Dash Cam

● The best selling dash cam brand, the Chortau, has a built-in 150mAh Li-ion battery. It powers the dash cam in parking mode for up to 24 hours.

● Loop-recording and G-sensor technology. G-sensor technology is a super feature as it automatically saves your video and images. You don’t have to bother with manual save buttons.

● With 6pcs LED, infrared lights, and super night vision technology, you can expect clear videos and image footage even in low-light.

● Takes a 32GB SD card. When you read customer reviews, some people complain about this. However, thanks to the loop recording feature, that problem is reduced. Loop recording is a feature where the dash cam records video by overwriting the older video. This is useful as it allows the dash cam to record even when the SD memory card is full.

● You need to insert an SD card. It must be connected with the power supply and then the dashboard camera starts recording.

● The best selling dash cam today is a budget-friendly dashboard camera going at an affordable price.

● Image quality is particularly good. At the front is a 1080p full HD 170° wide-angle lens camera. Even license plates 10 feet away are clear and visible.

Positive customer reviews about the best selling dash cam

Reading customers’ reviews of this dash cam on Amazon, people say that this is a great dash cam for front and back views. They say it has excellent night vision and is very good for when you need visual evidence.

For any accident you’ve had, the best selling dash cam from Chortau records and saves the video. The front view video and the back video record in separate AVI documents.

Apart from being such an excellent dash cam, you have the backing of a reputable brand name – Chortau. They are an excellent company who believe in offering true value to customers. To this end they after lifetime after-sales support.

Best of all, the Chortau dash cam is affordable. It’s a great cam to start your dash cam journey with. Get one for yourself, one for the wife and install one in the car the kids use. You won’t be disappointed. Act now! Check out the price of the best selling dash cam at Amazon by going here.

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