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Dash cams are for safety, surveillance, fun and saving memories. I know dashboard cameras and how to the get most out of a 1080p car dash cam. Or use one in your van, truck, semi, SUV, RV... Cut insurance costs. In the case of an accident just pull out your smart phone to show your GPS location at the time. (There's a reason Garmin makes dash cams...) Purchasing and operating a dash cam in the United States is 100% legal. Just make sure you mount your dash cam according to state regulations (generally NOT on the windshield).

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Best Dashboard Camera in 2024

Best Dashboard Camera

The US-made Rove R2-4K is the best dashboard camera available in the USA now. This model has multiple great features including wifi capability for full visibility from your phone.

Best Selling Dash Cam at Amazon: Rove R2-4K Review

Best Selling Dash Cam at Amazon

The Rove R2-4K is hands down the bestselling dash cam at Amazon. Even better, it’s homegrown in America for United States conditions. Get the special now.

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What is the Best 4 Channel Dash Cam?

PRUVEEO 4 Channel Dash Cam

Here’s the favorite dash cam of the year: the PRUVEEO dash cam is the best 4 channel dash cam available at Amazon now. Read more and get one here.

What’s the best buy mirror dash cam?

Best Buy Mirror Dash Cam

Best buy mirror dash cam from Amazon is right here. Super sharp video and easy to use. And the price is right.

Comparing Dash Cam Brands: A Quick Guide

Comparing Dash Cam Brands at Amazon

There are certain criteria you can use to compare dash cams meaningfully. Here is the full list of things to look for plus a couple of my own dash cam recommendations.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Excellent Dash Cam

Excellent Dash Cams

Tips for choosing a dash cam from the cam system itself to the accessories and how to optimize a good dash cam so it records clear video in all weathers.

The Future of Great Dash Cams: Advancements in Technology

Dash Cam Technology

Dash cam technology has come a long way. Today it involves AI, the cloud and of course smart phone integration. Plus you can have more than one cam in your vehicle.

The Key Guide to Finding a Great Dash Cam: Top Features and Recommendations

Vantrue N2 Great Dash Cam

Guide to choosing a great dash cam with key points you need to consider plus recommendations of three affordable models. Concise guide to picking a cam.