Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a dash cam should be a pleasure, not a chore. Choose from single, dual and multi-channel models. Pick one with good video definition and preferably one that sends video to phone. Dash cams can be affordable so shop around.

Best Dashboard Camera in 2024

Best Dashboard Camera

The US-made Rove R2-4K is the best dashboard camera available in the USA now. This model has multiple great features including wifi capability for full visibility from your phone.

The Key Guide to Finding a Great Dash Cam: Top Features and Recommendations

Vantrue N2 Great Dash Cam

Guide to choosing a great dash cam with key points you need to consider plus recommendations of three affordable models. Concise guide to picking a cam.

Best Selling Rove Dash Cam Amazon Sells Today

Rove Dash Cam Amazon

Amazon stocks a range of tried and tested dash cams made in America. Here’s Amazon’s current bestseller: a three-channel model that sends video to your phone.

Garmin Dash Cam 47: Enhanced Driving Experience

Garmin 47 Dash Cam on Windscreen

Here’s a tiny dash cam to make your journeys more interesting and safer. It doesn’t take batteries and it is highly affordable now at Amazon.

Here’s the Best Dash Cam Without WiFi

Features of the AutSky - the Best Dash Cam Without Wifi

Maybe you want a simple, affordable dash cam that simply records onto a memory card. Here it is – and it’s made and supported with pride in the USA.

Choosing a Truck GPS with Dash Cam: Safety and Efficiency on the Road

Truck GPS with dash cam

It’s not enough to have a GPS only, and it’s not enough to have a dash cam without GPS. You need both. Here is my recommendation, available at Amazon.

Finding the Best Dash Cam for a Tractor Trailer

Redtiger Tractor Trailer Dash Cam Installed

Here’s my recommendation for a front and rear dash cam for your tractor trailer. It has an attractive price point and it’s easy to install using a hard wire kit. Order here.

What’s the Best Dash Cam for a Lorry?

Viofo Dash Cam for a Lorry Installed and Linked to Smartphone

You spend hours and days on the road so your risks are high. Protect yourself legally with one of these dash cam models for lorries. Links to order at Amazon here.

The Ultimate Guide to Semi Truck Dash Cams

Vantrue Semi Truck Dash Cam

Guide to dash cams suitable for semi trucks. Find out the how, why and what of semi truck dash cams plus links to buy these models at Amazon now.

Are Dash Cams a Battery Drain? Unraveling the Myth

Does a Dash Cam Drain a Car's Battery

Some dash cams have their own batteries. These are suitable for users who fear that a dash cam will lead to battery drain. But does running a dash really reduce battery power?