What’s the Best Affordable Dash Cam on Sale Now?

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These days saving money is a huge benefit, especially on a fairly expensive item such as a dash cam. What’s the best affordable dash cam on sale now? The Artix HD Car Dash Camera which is on sale now is going at such an unheard-of low price on Amazon. It means that you don’t have to compare prices as you’re getting the best price there is.

It’s always fantastic to shop for something you need and to get it at a discounted price. Sometimes the sale price means you can get the item immediately instead of waiting while you save.

What do you get when you buy the Artix HD on sale?

  • The Artix HD car dash cam
  • Suction mount
  • 16GB Kingston microSD
  • Instruction manual
  • USB Data Cable
  • In-car Charging

The Artix best affordable dash cam on sale now is also equipped with a G-sensor so that it can detect any impact on the car. It will save important video footage should you require it as evidence. This is useful when your car is parked and you weren’t there to witness somebody bumping into your car.

For the best affordable dash cam on sale now, the Artix HD has a lot going for it. It also comes with a 16GB Kingston SD card as well as a USB cable for transferring recordings to your computer.

What is the price of the best affordable dash cam?

You can’t do much better than getting a dash cam going for less than $25. When you do research, the cheapest dash cams are going for roughly $50, so this is a real bargain price. The Artix HD is an easy to install dash cam and is attached firmly to any flat surface by means of the suction mount and swivel ball.

How do you save videos with the Artix?

The affordable, budget-friend dash cam from Artix starts to record automatically. When the micro SD card is full, the camera deletes the oldest file for newer recordings. If you want to save a video file, it’s a case of pressing the lock button on the right side of the dash cam.

That means it won’t get deleted during recording. You can delete all video files whenever you want and that includes those you’ve locked on your computer.

What’s disappointing about the Artix HD?

With its 3-inch screen size and angle views of 140°, the dash cam covers events on the entire road. The dash cam allows you to capture detail on either side of your vehicle. Although it can capture the likes of road signs, some users say you have to be up real close to cars to capture their number plates clearly.

People who have used this camera say that for its price it’s got pretty much everything a dash cam needs, except night vision. This can be a real flaw as many accidents happen at night.

How do you choose the best ‘on sale’ dash cam?

Choosing a dash cam is always going to come down to two things – price and features. So what’s the best affordable dash cam on sale now? It’s the Artix HD dash cam on Amazon.

With some useful features. Its sale price means you will have to move fast to claim yours. It will make the perfect gift for someone who spends a lot of time on the roads.

The Artix HD is great for cars, vans, pickups and even trucks, RVS and semis. Compare prices with other makes of dash cam to ensure you are getting as much as you need from a dash cam when you pick an Artix.

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