What’s the Best Rear Dash Cam for a Car?

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True, having a dash cam that offers both front and rear views is best. However, many accidents happen at low speeds, involving rear-end collisions. Knowing what’s the best rear dash cam for a car can ensure efficiency in recording details.

Best rear dash camera is this Rove

Look at the Rove R2-4K Dash Cam with its built-in wifi. With its 2.4 inch screen, it’s an efficient, capable 4K Video Car Dash Cam with Sony Starvis IMX 35. This ensures superb night vision.

You can be sure of crystal clear videos during the day and night. This is also thanks to the 6-Glass wide-angle lens which helps to ensure sharp details. The clarity of images extends into the darkest night.

What do you get in the box and do you get support?

Yes, with this dash cam from Rove you get US-based support. The Rove team is standing by to assist you with setting up the dash cam or if have issues.

● The actual dash cam – Rove R2-4K Dash Cam
● User manual
● cable hiding clips
● Dual USB Car Charger
● Suction- and Spare sticky mount
● 12 foot USB Power Cable
● 2.5 foot USB Data Cable
● Electrostatic film for 3M Mount
● Car wiring trim tool

Where does one attach the dash cam?

The Rove R2 comes with two mounts. There is the sticky mount and suction mount, with both having 360° rotation. This means that you can set up the camera at the angle that suits you. That’s why I say it’s the best rear car camera system.

Does the Rove dash cam come with an SD card?

To get any negatives out of the way, this dash cam doesn’t come with a memory card. However, the dash cam is designed to support up to 512 GB Micro-SD Card. The saved videos and images are clear, despite the low light intensity.

The dash cam records at 150°wide. Together with the A+ lens viewing angle, you get all the details of events happening on the road. Other features include a screen saver, time, and a compass.

The camera comes with its WDR, or Wide Dynamic Range function. This ensures the camera can record clear details of license plates and road signs in excellent detail.

What other features can one expect with the Rove R2-4K?

If you have an accident, the G-Sensor is activated. It locks in current video files so that no details are lost. It also records a 3-axis impact on the X-Y-Z graph which means you have an exact location of your accident. It comes with 9 different settings.

With the best rear mirror dash cam you get continuous recording even when the SD card is full Once the SD card is full, it overwrites the old, making way for the new.

If someone hits your car, the G-sensor picks up the impact and the device automatically turns on. The dashboard camera records a video and locks it.

With wifi functionality, you can view your driving route and tracker on Google maps. This is made possible with the custom app. You can access videos to watch on your smartphone and stream videos within 10 ft. The app also allows you to easily change settings.

If someone hits your car while parked, the camera turns on and records a one-minute video. On return, when you start your car, a voice alert lets you know your car was knocked while you were away. This feature makes the Rove the best rear dash cam in my view.

Driving solutions with the best rear view dash camera

As a regular driver, Uber driver or truck driver, it’s important to have video footage. You need it to support claims from accidents you’re involved in. Customer reviews reveal mixed feelings about the Rove R2. Some people think it’s too complicated. Others say once you get to know it, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice… that it’s the best rear dash cam out there.

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