Is the Sony Starvis Sensor the Best Technology?

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It goes without saying that dash cams or surveillance cameras will require super clear images. This is where Sony’s image sensors come into the picture. You can’t afford distorted pictures and Starvis is back-illuminated pixel technology that is used for surveillance cameras.

Unlike front-illuminated-type image sensors, a dash cam with Sony Starvis sensor means that the image is acquired through the back side. The backside doesn’t have any obstacles so more light is collected on the photodiode.

Sony Starvis high-resolution images

Starvis is actually a trademark of Sony Corporation. The Kingslim D4 4K Dual Dash Cam comes with this Sony Starvis Sensor. This is a drawcard for a dash cam as it means a high-sensitivity image sensor that provides high-resolution images in low light.

You enjoy benefits with a dash cam with a Sony STARVIS sensor as it means you can have images with rich colors and optimal image quality.

It’s a medium-sized camera with dimensions of 85 x 48 x 17mm. The dash cam with wifi has been noticed on Amazon and has been gaining interest from car owners. The dash cam found on Amazon is available with its three-inch touchscreen, its GPS, and G-sensor.

The 3″ IPS touchscreen allows for easy operation and you don’t have to bother with manual buttons. In fact, you can use one finger to control the Kingslim’s features such as loop recording, emergency video lock, parking monitor, and collision detection.

People don’t like that the D4 comes minus audio error notifications. They know that the dash cam does provide error notifications on the screen but they believe the driver can miss these.

For the dash cam’s front camera, it uses a Sony Starvis IMX335 CMOS sensor. The front camera records 1440p video at 30fps. Video quality is good during the day and the night quality is superb. The rear camera records 1080p video at 30fps.

With customers reviews, those who have used the dash cam say the rear camera footage isn’t particularly good. It is waterproof which means that it can be used externally.

People want local dash cams

As an affordable dual dash camera, the Kingslim D4 gets quite a bit of criticism from those who have used it. They say that the Kingslim D4 is a Chinese dual channel dash cam.

They reckon that you can tell it’s not an American manufactured 4K camera and that the video quality is indicative of it not being a local brand. And yet there are others who say it has excellent video quality, with its dual recording. The rear and front cam works simultaneously while driving.

Enhances low-light capture

The dual-camera dash camera lets you record the front and rear areas of a vehicle for better coverage. A dash cam with Sony Starvis Sensor records the trips you take by road while the Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor enhances low-light capture of images.

The Kingslim D4 dash cam with Sony Starvis Sensor comes into its own when footage is required. You can be sure of clear images when you want pictures of your involvement in a car accident.

The courts accept video footage from dash cams as evidence in car crash cases where victims are seeking damages or insurance companies are facing claims. But people use top-end dash cams for more than that. Record the trip to the prom or the bride’s journey to the altar with a dash cam. Record your road trip and fun expeditions with a dash cam. No camping trip should be without a dash cam. They are easy to use for fun or safety.

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