What’s the Best Wireless Dash Cam for Cars?

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There are more cars than ever on the roads. Some of the major roadways are looked upon as death traps. Road accidents have become a major public concern. The best wireless dash cam for a car that is mounted inside on the windshield or dashboard will record video and audio events. They provide footage of what has happened on the road.

In my opinion the IIWEY T1 dash cam is the best wireless dash cam for a car. The set comes with front, rear and interior cameras that simultaneously record HD videos when the car engine starts.

Plus you have a view of the interior of the car, making this a 3-channel set-up that’s hard to beat. You can expect the best from IIWEY. They are a company committed to bringing out dash cams that meet the needs of customers. When you order the dash cam from IIWEY you get:

● 1080P Front Camera
● Rear and interior cameras
● Suction cup mount
● Car charger
● User manual
● 64GB SD card that comes installed
● Install tool and warranty

IIWEY DC03 dash cam

With its Loop Recording and Emergency Locks the dash cam is able to automatically overwrite any recordings that were made previously. So the newest video replaces the oldest one. When the SD card is full, previous recordings are overwritten with new files.

Best wireless dash cam from IIWEY

Other features of the IIWEY making it the best wireless dash cam include:

● The 64GB Micro SD card is included, supporting 180 minutes of recording. The dash cam from IIWAY comes with excellent night vision because of HDR, SONY IMX323, and WDR sensor. This means that even though cars and other vehicles are speeding, the videos are always clear and there is no need for any auxiliary light source in low-light environments.

● The front, rear, and cabin record together to witness your entire journey. Full HD 1920 X 1080P at 30 fps video enables this the best wireless dash cam to capture 6 lanes and details of a vehicle’s license plates.

● The dash cam is equipped with an F1.8 aperture and Sony sensor, ensuring clear night images. The inside camera comes with infrared LEDs. The camera has a G-sensor which detects sudden acceleration or deceleration. The G-Sensor is used to determine vehicle stability. The dash cam is able to lock certain videos automatically when there is a collision.

● A lot of driving is done at night and this waterproof dash cam with its 3inch LCD screen can show the front and rear camera together. The 170° wide angle of this, the best wireless dash cam, can ensure activity in all 6 lanes is covered. With an upgraded Sony Image Sensor, this dash cam with High Dynamic Range will record high-quality videos under low-light conditions. It’s IPX7 waterproof which means the dash cam has level 7 water sealing.

IIWEY dash cam with parking mode

A dash cam that comes with parking mode is considered one up from your regular cash cams. The reason being that the dash cam can record incidents that even happen in parking lots.

Most dash cams are generally appreciated for their ability to capture car accidents, but the IIWEY is used for other non-collision incidents that occur when your vehicle is parked. This useful feature comes in handy in a variety of situations, like when someone knocks your car with a shopping trolley.

With the IIWEY dash cam in your car, you’re always going to have car accident evidence right at your fingertips. And you can use the best wireless dash cam for a car to record holiday travel and happy events such as the bride’s journey to the altar. The dash cam has all the features needed to observe the entire road as it lies both ahead of you and behind you. It’s a reliable device for capturing evidence of road accidents and proving your innocence.

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