What’s the #1 Dash Cam with Night Vision Clarity for Truckers?

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You hear about an accident involving a truck and you just assume it’s the truck driver’s fault. But whose fault is it really? Truck fleets have improved driver behavior dramatically with a dash cam for truckers with night vision.

Some insurance companies too will offer a discount to commercial fleets if they have a dash cam installed. Not only that, fleet managers use dash cams for truckers, using the videos recorded by the camera to see the mistakes drivers are making.

What’s the best dash cam for trucks?

For fleet managers, it’s just a case of knowing which dash cam to invest in. Among those that come as highly recommended is the 4K Rexing V5 dash cam. Truck managers like the 170° angle of the dash cam which gives truck drivers a wide view of the road.

Truckers love the easy installation of Rexing V5 which comes with a 12v power cable. They mount the front dash cam on the windshield using the provided 3M adhesive pad. Once the positioning of the dash cam is complete, it’s just a case of getting the ideal angle.

What do I get with the Rexing dash cam for truckers?

● The V5 dash cam
● 2 mounting brackets
● 12v power cable
● 1 Panel Removal Tool
● 1 Mini USB Cable
● 2 x Adhesive pads
● 6 x Adhesive cable clips
● 1 x 18-month warranty card
● 1 Quick start guide

You can safely say that the Rexing V5 is the brand’s premium 4k dash cam for truckers. For nighttime vision, it makes use of a Sony IMX335 image sensor. The max resolution of the other camera modules is limited to full HD 1080p.

It allows the cam to capture more intricate details such as license plates. According to the truck driver’s preferences, there are also a number of video settings that can be adjusted.

What are the features of Rexing V5 dash cam?

This is indeed a feature-rich dash cam and some of its other features include among others built-in wifi. Then there is the Rexing Connect mobile app which you connect to the camera’s wifi network on your phone.

With this app set up, you can access features such as being able to view and download video files, change settings and take photos.

Another great security feature to have is the built-in GPS logger. With this, you can connect a video file to the GPS data and it will be able to prove where certain footage was taken. With the G-Sensor which detects a collision, it then locks the video file so that it can’t be deleted.

The parking monitor uses the G sensor and once it detects any kind of impact, the camera starts recording.

With customer reviews, some people expressed their disappointment that it takes up to 10 seconds to start filming. Unfortunately by this time, the most important part of the impact could have been missed.

Does the Rexing V5 include warning systems?

The Rexing dash cam for truckers also comes with two warning systems – Forward Collision Warning System and Lane Departure Warning System. These are important warnings as it’s so easy for a truck to drift out of its lane or you get too close to the vehicle in front of you.

Of course, there are other features with the V5. What is particularly useful with this dash cam is that you can add features to it as money allows. It’s a camera for truckers and the likes of Uber drivers that is worth every penny. And use the Rexing dash cam for leisure too – roads trips, wedding trips, prom trips, first dates. There’s a lot you can do with a dash cam.

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