Top End Rexing M1 Pro 2K Dual Mirror Dash Cam

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The Rexing M1 Pro 2K dual Mirror Dash Cam. It’s a dual mirror dash cam which means that you get a rearview mirror dash cam that attaches to the car’s rearview mirror.

Technology has been brought into the outcome of car accidents by means of a dash cam. These dashboard cameras record your road trips. If you are involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, a dash cam can help you tremendously when the insurance companies start harassing you.

You attach the Rexing with silicone straps. The Rexing M1 Pro 2K with dimensions 10 x 2.75 x 0.75 inches is also good in extreme weather conditions too, being able to withstand temperatures as high as 140°F and as low as 10°F.

What do you get in the Rexing M1 Box?

● Rexing M1 dash cam
● Rear camera with an extension cable of 18 foot
● Car charger
● User manual

With this dash cam from Rexing, you get the front camera that captures 1296p video while the rear camera captures 720p. Both cameras footage or views are available immediately on screen for previewing. The front one attaches to the car’s rearview mirror

How does one configure the camera?

The 10″ touch screen can just be tapped much like a cell phone to bring up controls and configure the camera. All menus are found within the mirror’s display. You can set date, time, shock sensor sensitivity, record duration, etc.

The forward-facing camera can be adjusted in all directions, and also rotated as you like. The wide aperture of the front camera – f1.8 – also promises clear nighttime images. The M1 is equipped with a G-Sensor.

Once the camera powers down, a built-in battery provides power to the shock sensor. As already suggested, you can choose the level of sensitivity for the shock sensor in the mirror’s set-up menu. If your car is rammed, the mirror cam records images from both cameras.

Continues recording footage while the vehicle is parked

With the 24-hour Parking Monitor, you can auto switch the camera to what is known as Parking Surveillance Mode. When the camera picks up any kind of impact, it will start to instantly record.

Also with Loop Recording you never have to worry that you’re going to run out of storage. New recordings overwrite the oldest recordings once the memory card is full. If an accident happens, the video is locked and important footage is saved and kept secure.

It then locks them to prevent anything from being deleted. With this dash cam, you find it compatible with a micro SD card up to 256 GB.

Any disappointments with the Rexing M1 Pro 2K dual Mirror Dash Cam?

When you read customer reviews of this camera you find that people are generally disappointed about the fairly poor quality of the rear camera at night.

Others expressed disappointment at the shortness of the power cord which isn’t long enough to fit a standard truck. But then of course, irritating though it may be to do so, you can buy an extension cable to complete the installation. This dashcam is missing an important feature – the GPS.

The Rexing M1 is a dash cam that is always considered when choosing a reliable dash cam from Amazon. The lack of GPS is a disappointment, however.

So while quite a few people describe the Rexing M1 as not being close to perfect, it’s still a good product going at an attractive price.

East to install with the straps that come included, the Rexing M1 with the black rearview mirror design allows the dash cam to unobtrusively watch over all events on all your road journeys. Act now! Order your Rexing mirror dash cam via the links on this page.

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