Where to Get a Top Dash Cam that Clips to a Mirror

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Where to get a dash cam that clips to a mirror is easy at Amazon. They come with useful features such as wifi, GPS, and parking surveillance.

They have every conceivable dash cam available to suit everyone. Just bear in mind that mirror cams take up quite a bit of space on the rearview mirror.

If you want to get a clear view with your dash cam, the idea is to mount it high. You can place it either on your windshield or on your rearview mirror. However, check your state’s laws regarding where you can mount the dash cam.

KDLINKS provides us with a feature-filled dash cam in the R100 model. When you order the dash cam, you get all the required connectivity cables, a 16GB micro SD card, the camera as well as literature on how it works.

The KDLINKS R100 dash cam with dimensions 13.1 x 4.7 x 2.5 inches has a unique design in that it looks like a rear-view mirror. In fact, it’s designed to replace the rearview mirror.

On the front, you get the IPS display and some navigation buttons. A mirrored glass panel covers the rest of the surface. On the other side, you’ll find mounts to attach the dash cam.

You’ll also find a speaker and the dash cam features a 140° wide-angle lens. The noteworthy feature is the full HD 1080p rear camera with 30 frames per second recordings.


Unlike the regular dash cam that you attach to your windscreen behind your rearview mirror, each one above is a dash cam that clips to a mirror. They all come with instructions for installing the units.

They record events going on around your car and inside. With an accident, you will have accurate evidence of what actually happened during the event.

These easy-to-install mirror dash cam devices let you capture quality images without obstructing and distracting your view and attention.

Once you’ve reviewed these mirror dash cams and have decided to purchase a dash cam that clips to a mirror, it’s time to look at the features that will meet your requirements.

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