Is a Dash Cam Worth It?

Is a dash cam worth it? Yes, these cameras for cars and motorcycles are well worth it. Bought from the right place, they are accessible and affordable to nearly every motorist. If you’re a regular driver, you’ll be aware of how easily accidents happen.

Without witnesses and a dash cam, it can be difficult trying to prove your innocence. Are there some dash cams that are more worth it than others?

There are many dash cams from different brands, so it pays to do research. Car dash cams from Cobra are convenient to install and you’re always ready to capture events on any road trip.

Cobra’s car cameras come with access to the Cobra driving community, so you get real-time alerts of speed cops and other road conditions.

What benefits can you expect from Cobra Dash Cams?

A dash cam has so many benefits. Look at a car dash cam like the Cobra SC 201 with dimensions 1.85 x 1.72 x 4.21 inches. It is mounted on the dashboard of your car, It records all sounds and sights while you’re driving.

If you were in a car accident, the dash cam provides accurate proof to prove your innocence.

Interior and Exterior Security

When you order it you get the SC 201 Dash Cam, the adhesive mount, the 16GB MicroSD Card, vehicle charger, and Micro USB Data Cable. This dash cam from Cobra is for anyone wanting to record the front-view and interior cabin-view of the vehicle.

Cobra Dash Cams

So day and night, with this camera’s infrared cabin night vision, you get interior and exterior security. The cylindrical dash cam captures at 1080p. With most interior cams being 720p, this is something worth considering.

The SC 201 has a 2-inch color display with four buttons on the underside of the camera. The buttons are also easy to press. Is a dash cam worth it or not? Yes, and they are easy to use.

Is a dash cam worth it?

The cool aspect of these dash cams is that they can even be coupled with onboard technologies that you already have. An example is your GPS device. The dash cam starts to record as soon as your car’s engine is turned on.

Look at the Cobra SC100 with its amazing features. Some of its security features include emergency Mayday alerts, Continuous loop recording and Parking Mode.

With built-in wifi, you can store and share footage from anywhere. The dash cams supercapacitor allows this and other Cobra SC smart dash cams to cope with extreme temperatures.

Cobra SC100 Dash Cam

A dashboard camera is certainly a great investment and most come with a high-tech LCD screen that has touch technology. The Cobra’s SC 400D is their ultimate smart dash cam. With this dash cam from Cobra and available on Amazon, you get real-time alerts.

These come from the Drive Smarter community and Alexa. You can store and edit footage from anywhere thanks to built-in wifi. The SC 400D is described as an intelligent co-pilot on all your drives.

Can dash cam footage assist with insurance queries?

Cobra brings out a number of other dash cams too. They are growing in popularity, as people can’t tolerate dealing with insurance companies. Is a dash cam worth it? Yes, just for legal certainly.

The evidence provided by these dash cams is enough to silence them. They provide video footage to show exactly how a car accident occurred. When you choose a high-resolution camera, you will even get footage of license plates.

What Cobra dash cams take your fancy? The Cobra SC200D, the SC200, the SC201, or the SC100? With these dash cams you have the ability to save, download, and share video evidence.

The dash cams from Cobra aren’t only great for recording all the awesome moments of a road trip but they come with a ‘peace of mind’ label. Is a dash cam worth it? Yes.

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