10 Facts to Answer Your Top Dash Cam Questions

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It used to be that only law enforcement officers used dash cams to record the facts about encounters on the road. But now anyone can buy a discreet dash cam to watch what’s going on in front of the vehicle, or 360 around the vehicle. Or even inside the vehicle.

Introduction to facts about dash cams

There is some uncertainty about certain aspects of dash cams – such as their legality and how they work. Here are your most commonly asked questions – with factual answers.

Using dash cams IS legal in every state of the U.S. However, most states have regulations regarding the positioning of the dash cams in the vehicles. The authorities in most states prohibit the mounting of dash cams on windshields as this could obscure visibility. Instead they permit dash cams to be mounted on the dash or on the rear view mirror.

2. Who uses dash cams?

Highway patrol and police vehicles all have sophisticated dash cams fitted. Fleet owners install dash cams in every vehicle to monitor driver behavior and protect the driver and the fleet owner legally in the case of an accident. Many dash cams can monitor stationary vehicles and surrounds when the driver is away from the vehicle.

3. Can I put a dash cam in any vehicle?

Dash cams can be used in any vehicles. These include trucks, semis, vans, pickups, RVs, minis, sedans, SUVs, sports cars, luxury models and even motorcycles.

4. What are the various dash cam configurations?

A simple forward-facing dash cam records video with a wide angle approximately 140 degrees. Dual dash cam systems (front and rear) feature a main forward-facing dash cam and a supplementary camera to film the rear of the vehicle through the back window. These systems strive to cover near to 360 degrees of the exterior. Some models record activities inside the vehicles.

5. How do dash cams record video?

SD cards inserted into the dash cam records the video. Loop recording means the SD card is scrubbed as the card is filled and recording goes back to the beginning. More advanced dash cams send recordings to smart phone via Bluetooth / wifi, while others send recordings to the cloud for safekeeping.

6. What is the purpose of a dash cam?

Dash cams can potentially be important in forensic investigations of car accidents or incidents occurring inside the vehicle or near it. Uber and other share ride drivers use dash cams for protection as its presence acts as a deterrent. Some people use dash cams for fun: to record road trips or important trips that people take – such as to a wedding or to the prom.

7. Do dash cams have a resale value?

Any dash cam that the user keeps in good condition can be resold.

8. Can dash cams do more than record video?

By recording video dash cams are also recording the exact time, location and natural light conditions at the moment of recording. These facts can be important if the recording is used in court proceedings. Some dash cam systems include Parking Mode (also called Parking Assist). Others even indicate when the car is drifting into a neighboring lane.

9. Are any dash cams made in the U.S.?

No dash cams are made exclusively in the United States. Some U.S. dash cam manufacturers, such as Rexing, import the components, usually from China, and assemble the dash cams locally. That said, often the manufacturers design the dash cams locally and then order the components accordingly.

10. Where can I buy a dash cam?

Buy your dash cam online at Amazon. Use the links on this page to get to the dash cam store where you will find abundant facts about the various makes and models..

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