High quality dash cam front and rear for any vehicle

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It’s easy to find a high quality dash cam front and rear for a car, truck, semi, RV, van or pickup. Manufacturers of high quality dash cams make sure they are suitable for all types of vehicles.

What does a dash cam consist of?

Dash cams are generally quite simple items. Most of them consist of:

  • Camera with video and sometimes audio capability
  • For dual systems a secondary (back window) camera
  • Neat housing in a black or grey case
  • A mounting system
  • A control panel
  • An SD card slot
  • Power wires to cigarette lighter
  • Wiring to link rear camera (where applicable)
  • USB card
  • App access (where video is sent to a phone and the video is saved to the cloud)

A high quality dash cam optimizes all of these features. Depending on the quality the price of a dash cam varies between $20 and $500. Some car and trucks makes even have built-in dash cams – such as the BMW.

What’s the best front and rear dash cam?

I think the Kingslim is the best high quality dash cam for cars and all other vehicles. I say so because this Kingslim front and rear dash cam is:

• Dual (main front camera, small back camera)
• Affordable
• Reliable
• Easy to use
• Built-in Wifi and GPS
• Records 24 hours (when you are in the car or not)
• Good night vision
• Works with a smartphone (download Road Cam app)
Kingslim at Amazon
• Features well in high quality dash cam review feedback
• Excellent follow-up support

Is it worth getting a front and rear dash cam?

You have a choice of several dash cam combinations:

• Front facing only
• Front facing with built-in reverse camera that films the interior of the car
• Dual dash cam with a main camera facing forward and a secondary camera on the back windshield of window ledge facing backwards
• Some users place the secondary camera outside the car in the plate compartment to film tailgate incidents and capture license plates

Obviously, the more the camera(s) can see, the better the results will be. So it’s worth getting a high quality front and rear dash cam to cover yourself in the case of a car accident.

Front facing only is really a fun model for recording road trips.

Uber and other share ride operators like high quality dashcams that record the road ahead and also the interior of the vehicle so they have a record of who their passengers are, for security purposes.

Are 4K dash cams worth it?

You are going to the trouble of getting a high quality dash cam so get one that features 4K video recording so the images will be sharp and clear, night and day. Look for $k 1080P video quality, minimum in your new dash cam.

Can I get a wireless dash cam?

There is a lot of misunderstanding about what a wireless dash cam is. Is there even such a thing as a totally wireless dash cam? Look, every dash cam needs power to operate and that means a power cable. Even if the camera has a capacitor which retains power once the car’s engine is switched off, that power must come from somewhere.

Most dash cams come with cables that connect them to the car’s cigarette lighter from where it draws power. And if there is rear dash cam, a cable must run to the camera to feed it power.
In addition to these cables, where dash cams offer parking mode an extra set of cables applies. You can buy the hard wiring set here at Amazon.

The “wireless” aspect of a camera comes in when talking about wifi. A dash cam with wifi capability sends video to a phone and maybe even stores it in the cloud – as well as recording the video on an SD card. If you can lift your smart phone and see your dash cam recordings, that is, in a sense, a wireless result.

Does a dash cam come with an SD card?

In general buyers of dash cams must buy the appropriate SD card separately. Look carefully at the dash cam’s specs to see exactly which SD card it needs. At Amazon there are good bundled deals also, where you get cables, SD card, mount etc. with the dash cam in the box.

Why are dash cams illegal in some states?

Heads up: nowhere in the U.S. are dash cams illegal. In other words, using a dash cam is totally legal in the U.S. However, most of the states (with limited exceptions, such as Missouri) do not allow a driver to mount a dash cam on the windshield. But mounting a dash cam on the dashboard is fine.

For more information about your state’s dash cam laws, check with the State Patrol.

What is the best dash cam to buy?

The Garmin Mini 2 is the highest quality dash cam that’s affordable. This Amazon dash cam does not pretend to be a 360 dash cam (it is forward-facing only) but the Garmin dash cam mini meets the requirements of most leisure drivers to record road trips and the like. It the best cheap dash cam I know of.

Here are some features of this high quality dash cam manufactured by the GPS experts:

• Really small (keyholder size)
• 140 degree field of vision
• Monitors vehicle while driver is away
• Good quality video 1080p
• Voice control

How much is a good dash cam?

You will have to spend $100 or more for a good dash cam. Where dash cams are for fleets, consider spending $200 and more to ensure the highest quality dash cam to protect your rolling assets.

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