What’s the Best BMW Dash Cam for 2024?

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As a BMW owner I recommend the best BMW dash cam as the Garmin 66W dash cam, and here’s why. It’s compact (think: 2″ screen) and easy to install.

The Garmin 66W features a wide field of vision with automatic incident detection and recording. This Garmin dash cam is voice-responsive and sends images to your smartphone. And it’s the best BMW dash cam because it has the Garmin GPS pedigree behind it.

About the Garmin 66W

The Garmin 66W is a tiny discreet BMW dash cam with extra-wide 180-Degree field of vision. The dynamite little camera captures crisp 1440P footage and Garmin clarity HDR provides increased detail in low-light situations

BMW dash cam with night vision

The Garmin 66W incorporates high-definition recording technology so it continues to capture images and video even in rainy weather, at twilight, at night and even in mist and fog.

BMW dash cam with parking assist

This particular BMW dash cam does NOT have parking mode – but it features a plethora of driving alerts based on its advanced motion sensor technology: forward collision, lane departure warnings (certain conditions may impair the warning function). The Garmin 66W even features “go” alerts to enhance driver awareness.

BMW dashcam with voice control

The Garmin 66W responds to your voice! Pick any one of 6 languages – Voice control (Available for English, Spanish, Italian, Swedish or German). Just by talking to the Garmin, you can save a picture or video, start/stop audio recording or start/stop the travel app’ video capture feature.

Does the Garmin 66W BMW dash cam come with GPS?

As you would expect of a dash cam from the auto GPS leaders, the Garmin 66W dash cam records in exceptionally high level HD, has GPS tracking, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability built-in.

BMW dash cam with cloud storage

There is no cloud storage involved in saving photos and videos with this dash cam.

But the Garmin 66W automatically records and saves video of incidents to an 8GB micro SD card, class-10 or faster (not included). The auto sync facility enables you to control and play back footage from up to four cameras on your smartphone using the Garmin Drive app.

BMW dash cam with speedometer

The Garmin 66W records all the salient details of every moment, viewable when you view the playback video / photos on your smartphone. That includes the vehicle’s speed at any time.

What is BMW Advanced Car Eye?

BMW saw the value of dash cams, so it introduced its own proprietary dash cam technology, the latest version being the BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0. The system uses proximity and vibration sensors to help detect possible accidents and theft outside the car. It incorporates cloud technology so all images and videos are saved to the cloud.

Why get a dash cam for a BMW?

I’m just saying one word: insurance. Actually it’s better than insurance. You get to prove that the other driver has erred long before you have exchanged details, let alone gone to the attorneys and reported the matter to your insurance company. The offending driver is much more likely to comply and pay for repairs knowing you have the perfect proof that they caused the accident.

Don’t limit using your Garmin 66W for safety and security purposes, though. A dash cam encourages hyper-aware driving. And not everything is about accidents. Think road trips. Think family vacations. Think the satisfaction of know you can recall every foot of your journey any time. That’s the practicality and pleasure of a BMW dash cam.

Don’t hesitate. Get on board with a dash cam for your beemer. The Garmin 66W is a good place to start. (It also great for semi trucks and SUVs and RVs…)

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