What’s the #1 Best Dash Cam for a Semi Truck?

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Because these great semis are unique – some of them are 18-wheelers – fleet managers need to answer the question ‘what is the best dash cam for a semi truck?‘ It’s quite probable that truck driving skills aren’t enough for driver safety.

The semi-truck driver had two main parts to their vehicle. The semi-trailer part carries the cargo and the semi-tractor part pulls and powers the truck. Essentially it’s a tractor unit that detaches from the trailer unit.

A truck driver has to stay focused while driving and more so for nighttime driving. It’s why a dash cam becomes necessary. The Rove R2-4K dash cam with built-in wifi is often a serious consideration for semi-truck drivers. That alone makes it a top contender as the best dash cam for a semi truck.

What size is the Rove R2?

Offering 4K footage with 150° field of view, the 150° field of view is wide enough to never miss a thing you see out your windshield.

Speaking of windshields, your truck’s windshield won’t be obscured in any way. That’s because this dash cam’s dimensions are 1.2 x 2.8 x 2.5 inches. It’s compact and small so that it doesn’t affect the field of vision

What ensures the R2’s super video clarity?

Video quality is good enough for all the long road trips across the country. The dash cam from Rove ensures videos in Ultra HD, up to a resolution of 2160p. Video quality is extended to nighttime thanks to Rove’s night vision technology.

You can be sure of the clarity of images and videos even in low-light conditions. Its Sony Starvis sensor ensures these super night vision videos are in the clearest of detail. Also, the WDR feature of R2-4K ensures super clear images regardless of the sun and light conditions.

Is this REALLY the best dash cam for a semi truck?

It’s a super camera for trucks but it does have a couple of weird little quirks.

The R2 doesn’t have an interior camera which for some fleet managers can be a bit disappointing. For others, the benefits of this don’t warrant it as a necessity for all truck drivers.

Those who have already used the Rove R2 have been disappointed with the interface, saying that the menu caused a lot of frustration. One thing they mentioned was that you had to press the emergency button to enter pairing mode which seems ludicrous.

But that’s a small factor in the full scheme of this lovely dash cam.

What are the best features of the Rove R2 dash cam?

● The dash cam comes with parking mode. Things are being recorded even when the car’s ignition is off. All events that happen to your car when you’re not there are recorded onto an SD card. Take note that the SD card isn’t included.

● There is a feature known as 24-Hour Auto Trigger Parking Mode that puts the dash cam into parking mode automatically. A 3-Lead hardwire kit is required for this feature and it is available from Rove’s website.

● With the built-in wifi, you’re able to connect to your dash cam by means of your phone to organize dash cam recordings. You can share your video to social media making use of the Rove app.

● You get a built-in GPS tracker. A noteworthy feature is not having to set the date and time yourself as it’s automatically generated from the GPS signal.

● Time-lapse video. The dashboard camera switches to recording at a reduced frame rate when the vehicle’s ignition is off.

● When you order the Rove R2, you get the actual dash cam, power cable, suction mount, USB charger, car wiring tool, data cable, cable hiding clips, and a user manual.

● The dash cam also includes GPS route maps, compass heading, and audio recordings.

Do truck drivers say this is the best dash cam for a semi truck?

Look at dash cams on Amazon and you will see that they can be pretty costly. However, the Rove R2 is available for less than $100 on Amazon.

A dash cam for semi-truck drivers like this offers fleet managers and truck drivers more control over the turn of events on busy roads and can settle many queries with regards to trucking collisions.

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