What’s the #1 Best Affordable Dash Cam for My Car?

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The Redtiger 4K dual dash cam is the best affordable dash cam out there. The whole idea behind a dash cam for your car or truck, van, pickup or semi, is to record every tiniest detail of things that happen inside and outside a vehicle. Should you be involved in an accident, you’ll have accurate supporting evidence.

The dash cameras are placed at the rear and front to observe the whole of the road ahead and behind. But which dash cam? What’s the best affordable dash cam for your car? Certainly, drivers want simplicity when installing a dash cam. Small and compact, the unobtrusive and affordable Redtiger 4K Dual dash cam ensures an easy installation.

Just connect the power cable to the camera. Let the cable go alongside the car’s interior trim panels. Then it’s just a case of connecting the rear camera to the front camera.

What do I get in the box with the Redtiger 4K?

● User manual
● 1080P IP68 Rear Camera
● Adhesive tape from leading brand
● GPS bracket
● 2 x electrostatic sticker
● 32GB TF card
● 21.3-foot rear camera cable
● 11.5-foot power supply cable

What’s the best affordable dash cam from Redtiger?

Will the dash cam from Redtiger with its higher resolution and super night vision be all you need? For low light conditions, it’s the combination of F1.5 large aperture and 6-glass lens that will ensure you have clear nighttime images.

You can be sure that even car license plates can be picked up. This is important to know as without number plate identification how can you prove anything really?

The dash cam comes with a lifetime warranty. You rarely get such a generous warranty. It means that Redtiger is super confident in this dashboard camera. It’s a dash cam that comes equipped with a Sony STARVIS CMOS Sensor. Surveillance camera applications always record high-quality videos.

What sensor does the Redtiger 4K have?

Sony launched this image sensor that excels in capturing images in low-light conditions. You can expect a resolution of front 2160p and rear 1080P.

The dash cam comes with built-in wifi with a connection to your smartphone app. With the built-in GPS, you can easily record the route you take as well as your driving speed.

You get 24 hours parking monitoring, loop recording, and G-Sensor which will detect any impact and emergency situation and lock the video in so that it can’t be deleted.

The loop recording records video in 1, 3, ad 5-minute clips and will overwrite all the oldest unlocked files once your micro SD card is full.

Does the Redtiger 4K get good customer reviews?

When you read customer reviews on this affordable dash cam for cars, you find that most customers agree with its features. They love that it’s packed with features but still within reach in terms of price.

They take note that it comes with wifi and GPS. The picture quality is good. This is important when you need to use the pics for evidence.

There’s no need to ever splash out on a dash cam. Amazon makes it possible to get the best dash cam for cars and the most affordable. Many of the best dash cams from Amazon come with deals. You end up getting an extra cheap dash cam that comes with all the features you need.

What do I use the Redtiger 4K for?

There are uses for the best affordable dash cam other than recording everything so you protect yourself in the case of a car accident. You can record your road trips, your camping outings and record what’s going on inside the car, such as the journey to the prom or to the altar.

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