The Amazing Nexar Beam Dash Cam with Wifi and Cloud Storage

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Those familiar with the Nexar Beam wifi and cloud storage dash cam love its smallness and feistiness. It’s designed to be unobtrusive behind your rear-view mirror, totally out of sight. The tiny dash cam’s external body dimensions are just 60 x 48 x 34mm.

Everything you need to set this small dash cam from Nexar up is included in the package. It’s affordable too and arrives in its box where you find the dash cam, a suction cup windscreen mount, and a USB charger. There are also cable clips and installation tools.

Once the car is started, the camera powers up displaying a blue light at the back of the camera. It means it is ready to pair with the app. The camera works over 2.4 and 5GHz wifi.

Nexar Beam – so easy to set up

To set up the Nexar, you attach the camera to the mount and then place the mount on the windshield. You can then adjust the camera as you need. You’ll find that the Nexar Beam wifi and cloud storage dash cam takes excellent 1080p, 30-fps video, even when you’re traveling on gravel roads.

Its HD footage is GPS tagged, and recording the location is excellent for when you need the images and information for insurers and the police.

The power button is found on the left side of the camera. The dash cam beeps when it comes to life. It quietens down after that. It can upload the video to the cloud but other noted features are its GPS and traffic and accident warnings.

A 32GB SD card is included. The camera records to the micro SD card. It then transfers to the phone, giving you the chance to save them to the cloud. It overrides previous videos.

The Nexar App

You plug the mini USB cable into the power port and install the Nexar app. This is available from the app store. The app allows you to see exactly what the camera is capturing and also interact with your cloud account where videos are stored.

The app can also be used to capture video directly to the phone using the Drive function. So videos are live-streamed to the app and if you’re in an accident, the events of it are saved to your phone and backed up to the cloud. You can have access to evidence any time you wish and from any device.

There is no limit on how many videos can be saved to your personal cloud account. If you are in an accident. Nexar will also provide a detailed report for your insurance company. With the app, you’ll discover other settings which can be configured.

Nexar Beam Review 1

Locate vehicle with GPS

Along with being useful for car accidents, you can use the cloud service to watch a live stream of the dash cam video. Parents find it useful to be able to view the location of the vehicle when it has gone out of a certain set perimeter.

When you read customer reviews of this tiny dash cam from Nexar Beam, people love its simplicity. There isn’t a whole lot of configuring to do.

Nexar also happens to be the only dash cam company offering this cloud service free without any fees when you buy one of their dash cam models.

So there you have it: a tiny, efficient dash cam that delivers great results. Download the app to upload footage to the cloud. Track the vehicle (that’s great for parents keeping an eye on their teenage kids) and preserve all video in case you get in an accident.

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