What’s the Best Dash Cam for Uber Drivers?

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While most times Uber drivers have a safe drive, they also endure verbal and physical abuse. The job of an Uber driver carries risk. It’s why a dash cam is looked upon as a lifeline. But what’s the best dash cam for Uber drivers?

Uber drivers commute at all hours. The dash cam will need to be efficient night and day.

Why Uber Drivers Need Dash Cams

Uber operators use dash cams for personal security and for use in legal cases that could emerge from tailgate and other accidents.

Uber drivers have learned to be experts when it comes to their safety on the roads. The following dash cams for Uber drivers on Amazon.com that they research can record activities on the road but also inside a car.

Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam

If you’re an Uber driver, you’ll want the best footage you can get from a dash cam. You’ll want to know what’s going on inside your car. I reckon the Vantrue is the best dash cam for Uber drivers.

With 2.5k resolution and a wide 170˚ field of view, the Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual dash cam offers all the features an uber driver could want. However, two important features are missing – GPS and voice recognition.

For some the small .5” screen is another disappointment. It is one of the few dash cams that offers a cab-facing camera. It records goings on within the vehicle and on the road.

The rear-facing camera rotates and you can adjust the view height to capture the right angle. The parking mode automatically starts recording once it detects any kind of impact. Accidents while in motion activate the unit’s G-sensor to begin capturing footage.

Toguard Uber Dual Dash Cam

The Toguard dual dash cam is a cylinder shaped camera with a 1.5-inch LCD screen. It comes with a suction cup and adhesive mount.

As a wide-angle dual lens dash cam it records front and inside the car simultaneously. The 170° wide-angle front lens with the 140° cabin lens capture the road and even number plates. This happens at 1920x1080P at 30fps.

The interior driver-facing camera with 4 infrared LED lights is able to cope with low light conditions. This is because of the IR Night Vision feature.

This dash cam from Toguard certainly competes for the title best dash cam for Uber drivers. It also supports continuous loop recording and has a built-in 240mAh battery for parking monitoring.

BlackVue DR750-2CH LTE

The BlackVue DR750-2CH LTE ensures that you get clear details even in bad light. This is due to the Full HD Sony STARVIS image sensors.

The front camera captures videos at a wide 139° view angle. As an uber driver, if you leave your car, you have motion and impact triggered recording.

Wherever your vehicle is parked it will record events going on around it and to it. This is thanks to the parking mode feature.

As an Uber driver you’ll welcome having GPS, wifi and LTE built in. LTE allows you access to your BlackVue over the Cloud from anywhere.

Yet another competitor for the title best dash cam for Uber drivers.

Rexing V3 Dual Dash Cam

The roads are madness itself and a dash cam records events on the road. They can give you peace of mind as they give accurate accounts.

With a dash cam like the Rexing V3 dual you get front and in-cabin full HD cameras. They record 1080p video at 30 fps.

The dash cam has a G-sensor and when this is triggered the video clip is locked so that newer videos can’t be recorded over it. The camera uses wifi connections to transfer videos to your phone by means of an app interface.

Uber drivers will surely appreciate the Advanced Driver Assistance System. They are alerted when they drive erratically and cross into another lane.

As an alternative to a lithium battery, this dash cam from Rexing is powered with a supercapacitor. It stands up well to extreme weather conditions.

Now choose the best dash cam for Uber drivers

These are some of the best dash cams for Uber drivers. They monitor what’s happening on the roads. They also cover antics going on inside the vehicle.

They are an essential buy for any Uber driver. Uber drivers face lots of risks and these dash cams can even help the Uber driver to settle a dispute and to avoid lawsuits.

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