Best Heat Resistant Dash Cams for Super Hot Climates

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How do heat resistant dash cams for hot climates continue working in extreme weather conditions? Dash cams that work well in hot climates are those ones that operate on supercapacitors as opposed to lithium batteries.

Be warned: Some dash cams that operate with batteries explode when temperatures are soaring.

Before you buy a dash cam for hot weather conditions, you should consider a few very important things. Check temperature ratings and also the battery type to find the best heat resistant dash cams.

Innosinpo dash cam

The heat-resistant Innosinpo dash cam has a large 3-inch LCD screen which makes using it a lot easier. Less touching!

In terms of clarity of images, its 1080P full HD and 12MP resolution ensures you don’t battle with blurred images. For nighttime, the F1.8 large aperture and WDR, HDR ensures clarity of images at night.

The Innosinpo 1080P dash cam with dimensions 3.4 x 2 x 1.4 inches has a 170° wide-angle lens that allows a larger viewing angle to be recorded.

The dash cam from Innosinpo has a built-in G-sensor and it is able to detect any impact. It then locks in the footage to prevent the video from being overwritten.

Apeman heat resistant dash cams

Apeman’s dash cam operates on lithium batters but it is still able to cope with extreme weather conditions. It operates calmly and unaffected in temperatures ranging between -10°C to 60°C.

This heat-resistant dash cam also comes with other useful features such as G- sensor and motion detector. The Apeman 3-inch screen dash cam supports the recording of videos at 1440p front- and 1080p rear dual-lens.

You can also expect outstanding night vision images because of the dash cam’s HDR and WDR technology. When you read customer reviews, you find that customers are disappointed with the absence of GPS functioning.

Vantrue S1 Dash Cam

This 2-inch screen dash cam with built-in GPS from Vantrue can cope with temperature ratings of 20°C to 70°C. Nothing is damaged when the dash cam faces such heat.

The supercapacitor of the Vantrue S1 prevents it from exploding under high temperatures. An auto parking mode and automatic motion detection are important and sought-after features.

Other desirable after features for this dash cam include a dual-camera system with good video quality. The Sony night vision with Sony Starvis sensor guarantees excellent nighttime shots.

Rexing V1P Dual Cam

This dash cam from Rexing has some notable features with an affordable price tag.

Temperatures can rise right up to 80°C. You don’t have to worry that it will overcook and cease working. It receives its power by means of a supercapacitor.

The Rexing V1P has been designed to cope well and all kinds of weather, ensuring crisp, bright pictures. Its other useful features include it shooting videos at 1080p at 30 frames per second.

This dual dash cam supports a 170° wide-angle view. Customer reviews reveal that this is a dash cam with excellent video quality that people can rely on.


When shopping for heat resistant dash cams, take into account the temperature ratings and battery type. Dash cams that cope with hot climates have supercapactors rather than lithium batteries. Companies that manufacture heat resistant dash cameras include Rexing and Vantrue.

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