What’s the Easiest Dash Cam to Use?

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The easiest dash cam to use has the following attributes: It’s easy to find the link to the product and buy online. And its gets delivered fast. Everything you need is in the box. And the camera easy to set up, easy to install and easy to operate.

Which dash cam is best for ease of use?

Taking into account the details above, the Garmin Mini certainly ticks all the boxes as the easiest dash cam to use. And it’s affordable.

The Easiest Dash Cam Device to Use – the Garmin Mini

My pick of the easiest wireless dash cam to use is the Garmin Mini. It’s a front-only camera that’s really small – no bigger than a car key. Download the Garmin Drive app to your smartphone so it’s saved there. (You can observe footage from four cameras linked via the app on your phone.) But the Garmin dash cam Mini simultaneously saves footage to an SD card too, for backup.

Garmin Mini Features

• Adheres to the windshield so it’s easy to fit
• It’s reliable and automatically records incidents
• The Garmin Mini captures a wide angle – 140 degrees
• Delivers high quality 1080P HD video footage
• Saves footage to an 8GB micro SD card class 10 or higher (NB: not included)
• For peace of mind it comes from the GPS experts with a warranty.

What you get in the box with the easy-to-use Garmin Mini

  • The Garmin camera
  • Low profile adhesive mount
  • Power cable
  • Long and short USB cables
  • User manual

(Remember to buy the SD card separately)

Easiest to Use Dual Dash Cam (Nexar Pro GPS)

A dual dashcam features two separate cameras. The main camera records the front view from the windshield of the vehicle. The secondary camera records the interior of the car.

I recommend the Nexar Pro GPS if you opt for an easy-to-use dual dash cam for wider coverage. Professionals such as Ride Share and Uber drivers prefer a dual type camera.

Nexar Pro Features:

  • Best front and rear dash cam
  • Parking mode
  • Wifi
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • SD card included in the box

More of the Best Easy-to-Use Dash Cams

If you want to scout still further for the easiest dash cam to use – dual dash cams and front view only models – consider the following makes and models:

Blackvue DR750X-2CH Dual

  • Front and rear dash cam
  • Starvis Sensor technology
  • Full HD video
  • GPS
  • Parking mode voltage monitor
  • Built-in Wifi
  • LTE via optional CM100 Lte Module (to enable 4G)
  • SD card included in the box

Nextbase 322 GW

• Front view only mini cam
• Full 1080P HD video recording
• 6-lane wide front view angle
• Wifi GPS Bluetooth
• Night vision
• Parking mode
• Touch screen
• Loop recording (SD card included)

Fleet owners also like Vava dual dash cams. View them here.

If you have a Go Pro, consider getting a Go Pro dash mount to turn your Go Pro into a dashcam.

You can look here for the best dash cam under $100 at Amazon – although I still recommend the Garmin as the cheapest and easiest dash cam to use.

Easy- to-use hardwire fuse kit for dash cams

I always order the Plozoe kit. It’s simple, straightforward and reliable. You will need to hardwire your cam for parking assistance mode to operate.

Uses of Dash Cams

Any law enforcement vehicle, including police and traffic patrol, have dash cams installed in their cars and vans to record any and all incidents. Courts of law accept dash cam footage as evidence.

Civilians use dash cams in trucks, cars, vans, RVs, semis, pickups and 4x4s like the Jeep Wrangler for much the same reason.

Fleet managers can check on drivers speeding as well.

With a model that sends video to phones, parents keep an eye on what their teens are up to with the family car.

Is there a dash cam without wires?

All dash cam have wires (cables) to power the camera itself. Battery-powered dash cams are not really an option because the battery life of a wireless dash cam would be so short. In addition to a power cable, the camera needs additional hard wiring to enable parking mode.

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