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Dash cams for cars can be what you want them to be. Some are seriously cheap but can come with disappointingly few features. When you’re looking for an answer to the question ‘what’s the best dash cam for the money?’ you may want to look at the Nexar Beam GPS dash cam.

True, it may not be the cheapest dash cam and is priced at just over $100. Then again, the price is great for what you can expect.

Installing the dash cam is a pretty straightforward procedure too. Just below the rear view mirror works well with the Nexar Beam GPS dash cam as you get a complete view of the road ahead.

Does the Nexar Beam come with GPS functionality?

Those who have used the Nexar Beam GPS dash cam say that it is ideal for anyone looking for excellence and affordability.

The dash cam from Nexar is able to capture 1080p full HD footage, and it also comes with GPS functionality. This can be useful if, in the case of an accident, you wanted to know the location of the accident scene.

With its 135°degree field of view., there is also a built-in microphone.

When you order the Nexar Beam GPS dash cam, you get everything to get it up and running in no time.

What do you need to get the dash cam going?

To use the Nexar Beam GPS dash cam, download the app available for iOS and Android. Once you’ve launched the software you’ll need to create an account. Creating an account is simple and without any hassles. This alone makes the Nexar Beam the best dash cam for the money.

What do you get in the box?

● The Nexar dash cam
● Suction pad
● GPS mount
● 3-meter cable
● Adapter for plugging into the 12V power socket.

What pleasant surprises await you with the Nexar?

Those who have used this amazing dash cam say it is full of surprises. It comes with the bonus of including free cloud storage. They say that many dash cam brands make you pay a subscription for this service, which makes the Nexar Beam by comparison the best dash cam for the money.

Plus, as the name suggests, you also have the added benefit of a built-in GPS module. This means that the location of your vehicle will be recorded. It can be used as evidence should you be involved in a car accident.

As a dash cam worth the money, the Nexar Beam also has a parking mode feature. This is excellent as it means you get 24/7 security monitoring. If your car is bumped in any way, the camera automatically records the incident. You don’t have to be there – it performs this function in your absence.

Is the Micro SD card included?

Some dash cams don’t include a micro SD card, but the Nexar beam dash cam from Amazon does include the SD card. A 32GB microSD card is included with the camera. That in itself makes the Nexar Beam the best dash cam for the money. Nothing is set in stone and the capacity can be boosted to 256GB.

Footage with this dash cam is entered and kept on the microSD card within the camera. Older footage is cleared ensuring that the medical card never becomes full.

The camera records clear, bright 135° wide video in 1080p Full HD quality. You’ll find that the lens of the Nexar Beam dash cam copes well with glare during the day and low light conditions and after dark.

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