10 Best RV Dash Cams

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The 10 best RV dash cams mentioned below will all provide you with a reliable witness to events on all your road trips.

Covid-19 has changed the way people live. Many have sold up their homes, bought an RV, and decided to live on the road. Being on the road frequently requires some safety measures. Your RV needs a dash cam. It’s a big vehicle.

The primary reason for a dashboard camera installed in your RV is to protect yourself should you be involved in an accident.

Best RV Dash Cams – Garmin Dash Cam 65W

This is my No. 1 of the best RV dash cams. Garmin is a trusted company with reliable products. The tiny Garmin Dash Cam 65W has all the latest features that an RV driver would like.

These are warning signs, voice command, bad driver alerts, wifi connectivity, and GPS among others. The 65W comes with a 180° lens and 1080p. video. Other features include –

● 1080p video at 30 frames per second.
● 8GB SD flash memory card

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DoHonest Wireless Backup Camera for RV

The DoHonest wireless backup camera for RV is an upgraded wireless RV Backup Camera. It has a digital signal dedicated antenna and it can send 1080P videos to the display.

This top contender among best RV dash cams is an IP69 waterproof camera and it can withstand extreme temperatures from -4 degrees Farenheit to 149 degrees Farenheit. It’s a great camera for RVs, campers, trucks, and trailers.

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Toguard 4K RV Dash Cam

RV drivers appreciated that this Toguard 4K RV Dash Cam has the loop recording option where the camera’s old footage gets erased to make way for the new.

This is among the best RV dash cams. You therefore never have to worry about your memory card becoming full. The dash cam comes with a built-in battery, parking mode.

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Garmin Dash Cam 20 for RV

With the Garmin Dash Cam 20 for RV, you have clear HD video evidence of an accident. It records video and audio. Reading customer reviews, the Garmin Dash Cam 20 is one of the best dash cams for your RV.

A microphone records details inside your RV or motorhome. This can be disabled. Comes with HD GPS-enabled standalone driving recorder with a 2.3” LCD display. The G-Sensor saves footage automatically in the case of accidents.

Rexing V1 Wi-Fi RV Dash Cam

The discreet-looking Rexing V1 has a Loop Recording function that overwrites the oldest unlocked files when the card runs out of storage. The dash cam comes with a G-sensor.

Power is delivered by a supercapacitor instead of a lithium-ion battery. The dash cam records up to 1080p resolution. The wide-angle lens with a 170° field of view ensures every detail is clearly captured. (Check out this alternative Rexing dash camera too.)

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Trust KDLinks R100 to offer a quality dash cam. It features an Ultra-HD 1296p forward-facing video and Full HD 1080p HD rear-facing video.

Trust KDLinks R100 to offer a quality dash cam. It features an Ultra-HD 1296p forward-facing video and Full HD 1080p HD rear-facing video.

The R100 powers up as soon as your vehicle starts. Expect great night time footage with the quality 6-glass F1.6 lenses. WDR or Wide Dynamic Range ensures the best lighting conditions. Definitely among the best RV dash cams.

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RoadMate Go RV-2000 Full HD Camera

An RV is a huge vehicle and drivers appreciate the advanced Lane Departure- and the Forward Collision Warning System feature.

The Roadmate Go RV-2000 camera detects when you’re not keeping a safe distance between your RV and the vehicle in front of you. The dash cam determines your vehicle’s speed and lets you know a safe following distance.

Other features include 170° wide-angle, excellent video recording, G-sensor, parking monitoring and others.

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VAVA Dual RV Dash Cam

The VAVA Dual RV Dash Cam offers excellent features and performance. With its dual camera set-up it captures events going on inside your RV and on the road ahead.

Recordings are in clear 1080p resolution. The dash cam makes use of Sony IMX335 and IMX307 sensors, glass lens and 4 infrared LEDs to produce outstanding images.

Justone HD Backup Camera

Your cigarette lighter adapter powers the display and camera. The Justone HD rear view camera has a 7” display screen to ensure wide, clear views.

It uses a 1080P HD camera. The viewfinder can be rotated 45° by hand. With the advanced night vision sensor, the light is adjusted to ensure superb nighttime images.

Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam

This cool dash cam literally comes with every feature you’ve always imagined a dash cam would have.

The Vantrue N2 pro includes 2 cameras that record details inside the cabin and on the road ahead. The 1080P, single front camera records up to 2.5K. Its 4 infrared sensors ensure excellent nighttime images.

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Protect yourself from false accusations

The main reason you want an RV dash cam from Amazon is to protect yourself from false accusations. An RV is a large vehicle and there will be fingers pointed at you being at fault.

With dash cams from top manufacturers, you have a witness to what happens on the roads. Find the best RV dash cams at Amazon.

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