12 Best Dash Cams for Motorcycles

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Research the best dash cams for motorcycles to add to your biking pleasure. You can really enjoy motorcycle touring when you have a dash cam. Accidents happen easily when you’re riding in a group or on your own. A motorcycling tour is such a carefree activity but it can be marred by an accident.

Best dash cams for motorcycles

Without dash cam evidence of events, you might find yourself involved in some kind of liability payment. Give yourself peace of mind. Research these 12 best dash cams for motorcycles and make your choice.

Heayzoki HD

As you speed along, the motion detection feature records any events. The dash cam supports up to 64GB of memory. The Heayzoki HD 1080P Mini Camcorder Dash Cam supports 1280×720 and 1920×1080 resolution video. Has loop recording. Clip the dash cam onto your clothes. My top pick of the best dash cams for motorcycles.

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Zomfom Dash Cam

The 3” screen-size motorcycle camera from Zomfom is perfect for riders, being fully waterproof. The front and rear cameras have Sony IMX323 CMOS and 6 layer glass lens. You can expect quality from this dash cam that shoots in 1920*1080P/30fps video resolution.

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HaloCam M1

The Halocam M1 with its 2.7-inch monitor gets power from your motorcycle. With the HaloCam connected to your motorcycle, when you start the bike, you can switch its power on and off. The camera can be remotely connected to the main unit by means of wifi.

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Thinkware Sports M1

The Thinkware Sports system draws power from the bike’s battery. The 4.5” x 3” x 1.5” main unit fits under the bike’s seat. It has a slot for the 32-gigabyte mini-SD card. Once installed, the unit operates autonomously. The main unit logs up to 90 minutes of 1080p footage.

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Vsysto No Screen

Motorbike riders like the metal shell that provides better heat dissipation with the no-screen Vsysto dash cam. Every moment is captured with the dual HD 1989P. Features include loop recording and G-sensor.

The G-sensor is activated when the motorcycle is impacted. Video files are recorded in emergency mode. Definitely one of the best dash cams for motorcycles.

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Halocam M1

The Halocom M1 is a dual-lens dash cam. It records front and rear 1080P full-HD resolution photos and videos. The 155° wide angle of the Halocam M1 can cope with any number of lanes. The dash cam has an F1.8 aperture, capturing 30% more light with night vision.

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VSYSTO All Waterproof

The Vsysto All Waterproof dash cam with its 2-inch screen provides good heat dissipation with its waterproof metal shell. Expect great image and video quality thanks to a 6-layer glass lens and 1080P Full HD. The dash cam also comes with wifi and view real-time video.

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Tachyon BikerCam

The Tachyon BikerCam waterproof dash cam also features the loop recording feature. The Tachyon 1080p camera is supported by a 64GB memory card. Comes with a 12V charger. The dashcam is positioned on the rider’s helmet and can record a wide-angle scope.

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Sena 10C-EVO-01

Capture everything happening around the bike with the Sena 10C-EVO-01, With the dash cam you can capture video in up to 4K/30FPS quality. You can even narrate footage. With the Group Intercom, you can be communicating with 3 other riders. Make use of the smartphone app to customize your camera settings.

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Go Pro Insta 360 Go 2

This is a seriously small dash cam with 6-axis stabilization. The Go Pro Insta 360 Go 2 dash cam uses auto horizon leveling technology together with Flow-State Stabilization. This ensures all shorts are clear and free of bounce. Mount it anywhere as it’s waterproof and benefit from the 1440p video.

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Record details of your motorcycle tours

As a motorcycle rider, you know of the many factors that can cause an accident. Get one of the best dash cams for motorcycles from Amazon and protect yourself from false accident reports. Best of all you get to record all your awesome motorcycles tours.

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