Top 10 Features of the Brilliant Z-Edge T4 Double Dash Cam

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The Z-Edge dash cam would be the perfect front/rear double dash cam combo if it contained GPS. Physically, it is our favorite dash cam unit due to its marvelous interface and touchscreen, which is very stylish.

Top notch is how we would describe its video quality from both cameras. We like GPS for travel-mapping and as a legal safeguard. BUT if you can live without it and just want great video and style, the Z-Edge T4 Double Dash Cam is the best there is.

Top 10 Features of the Z-Edge Dash Cam

  1. Great design
  2. Super finishing
  3. Bright daytime clarity
  4. Exceptional battery life
  5. Dual cameras with high-resolution: 1080P rear and 1440P front
  6. Super touchscreen
  7. Accepts up to 32 SD card
  8. 155 degree field of view
  9. Parking mode
  10. Warranty

My Verdict

A Lovely Touchscreen, Clear Video and Very Stylish, Only lacking GPS.

In a Nutshell: One of the best dash cams I have reviewed, and just as easy to use. It would be the perfect dash cam if only it featured GPS.

Out of the box, the Z-Edge dash Cam has a feel and heft associated with a premium product. Some other dash cams, however capable, can be cheap feeling, with a chintzy finish.

This device comes with a handy four-inch touch display as well as a Full HD rear camera. Put bluntly, it is the classiest dash cam you will come across, easily.

For its price and bundled with a 32 GB SD card? Take my money! If the lack of GPS is not a deal breaker? Sold!

Z Edge Wide View
Just another great feature of the Z-Edge T4 Dash Cam: nearly 180 degree view front and rear

Down to Earth

Consternation and gushing aside, the Z-Edge dash cam is a sort-of large silver and grey camera. Its aforementioned touch display measuring four inches is deftly responsive.

It does not have many buttons, as the functions buttons would have necessitated are all in the touch display. The field of view is 155 degrees and its maximum resolution is quoted at 1440P. This can be reduced to save on storage space.

The on-screen interface is efficient due to its menu system, which is well-organized and its large, clear icons. It’s a breeze to operate, and in tandem with its touch display that is nicely sensitive, very intuitive.

Its battery can last several weeks, aided by it not turning on as long as it is not plugged in. the camera’s g-sensor can wake up the camera to record, part of its parking mode.

And more…

The Full HD rear camera is mounted using an adhesive tape that is semi-permanent, unlike the front camera, which uses a suction mount. The rear camera is also not quite as stylishly designed as the front one.

The warranty attached to this product lasts for one and a half years, while support is provided for the life of the device.

The only drawback to the Z-Edge T4 Dash Cam is its lack of GPS capability, as we’ve mentioned before. The reason I’m a stickler for dash cams with GPS is for legal reasons.

GPS is one way of proving incidents happened if the footage is inconclusive or unclear. It places you at the scene of an incident. Other uses of Dash Cam GPS is travel tracking and highlighting landmarks when using mapping software.

Z-Edge T4 Dash Cam Performance

The low-light, night and day captures are immaculate. The day footage features stabilization and nice detail, as well as Wide Dynamic Range, when required.

Low-light and night footage capture vivid detail and very little headlight flare.

The rear camera may show less detail in comparison to the front camera, but is still very good. There are some front cameras from other dash cam manufacturers that are worse.

There is little to complain about when discussing the Z-Edge T4 Dash Cam video quality.

A Fabulous Dual Dash Cam Set

As discussed earlier, the only thing holding the Z-Edge T4 Dash Cam back from perfection is its lack of GPS. If this is not a concern you have, we cannot recommend it enough.

For a standalone dash cam system that does not have online saving capabilities, it’s ideal.

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