Where can I get a car dash cam?

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So you want to get a car dash cam? Sure! But first consider the following:

Different types of car dash cameras

Only a few top car makes offer customized and installed dash cams – cars like Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz and BMW. If you own such a make of luxury car then consider getting a built-in one that’s perfect for your car. But the price may put you off. In that case its time to look for the best car dash cam out there in the marketplace for your purpose.

Most makes of car don’t have built-in dash cameras. Fortunately, every dash cam fits any car, so you are free to concentrate on the features, benefits and, of couse, prices of the various makes of cam.

So it’s time to shop.

First, get to grips with the various kinds you will come across.

Here is a list of various types of dash cams:

  • Dash cam for front view only (you can buy two and then put one pointing to the back as well)
  • Car dash cam front and rear (two cameras come in the box)
  • Wireless dash cam (all dash cams have wires inside the car but the images / video go straight to your smartphone or the cloud. Others have SD cards where footage gets saved.)
  • Large or small cam (some are unashamedly large while others are mini cameras that are unobtrusive)
  • Dash cams with GPS
  • Dash cams with Parking Mode (some even have sensors so the cam can warn you you when you drift into the next lane)
  • A dash cam with 360 vision means having a set of cams that can record action in all directions at once

Some car dash cam reviews

Get to know dash cams by looking at some of my most-read dash cam reviews:

Nexar Beam
Garmin 46
Thinkware F200

The car dash cam Amazon recommends

Amazon recommends the Rove R2-4K car Dash Cam (pictured here) as the best buy. It features:

  • Built in Wifi sends video to phone
  • UHD video 2160 P
  • 150 degree wide angle vision
  • Night vision
  • GPS
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR feature) for clear images

How much are car dash cams?

Car dash cams vary from under $50 per cam to nearly $500 per camera (or set of cameras). The use of the camera determines the price.

Law enforcement agencies use dash cams to gather evidence and protect officers against accusation of violence or abuse. The choose the most expensive types.

Fleet managers use them to monitor truck drivers and to gather footage in the case of a car crash.

Drivers of regular vehicles use them for leisure (such as recording road trips) and also to record vehicle accidents and so on.

Every dash cam owner has in mind that the footage might be needed in court.

Where to buy a car dash cam

It’s amazing that buyers often go to the website of the manufacturer first (think Garmin, Rove, Thinkware).

And yet when they have pretty much decided what they want and are ready to buy, they go back to Amazon and order the desired dash cam system there.

Why do they do that?

It’s simple really: best deals, quick delivery, a warranty that counts for something. And all this is because the Amazon name is attached.

Manufacturers don’t want to get in the bad books of the giant retailers so you get the best prices, bundled deals and after-sales service (including returns if you are unsatisfied). So of course the public prefer to buy dash cameras from Amazon. So should you!

Check out Amazon’s car dash camera store here.

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