Why I Love the Sleek Thinkware Dash Cam F200

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Evidence from a dash cam can prove a point for you. You know you want one, but which one? You know you want a stylish, slim, sexy dash cam. The dash cam from Thinkware Dash Cam F200 might be the very one you’re after.

There’s a good reason dash cams are becoming increasingly popular. There is chaos on all roads and people want to know who was at fault in a car accident.

What’s the Thinkware dash cam like?

The F200 PRO from Thinkware measures just 3.9 x 0.9 x 1.3 inches so it’s a tiny thing but packed full of power. It promises to be an unobtrusive design too, not drawing attention to itself.

The Thinkware dash cam F200 is the affordable dash cam you’ve been hoping and waiting for. That’s because it’s also easy and straightforward to install. You simply attach it to your windshield, plug it in, and press the record button to get things going.

What’s in the box when you get the Thinkware Dash Cam F200?

● F200 Pro Main Unit
● F200 Pro Rear cam
● Wire clips
● Mount with adhesive
● 12-volt power cable
● Hardwiring Kit
● User manual
● 32GB MicroSD Card with SD Adapter

With a wide 140° angle you get visibility to the left and right. If you use the rear cam, however, it has a wider, 160° viewing angle. It captures the entire interior of your vehicle.

The super night vision promises superb surveillance night and day. The stylish dash cam has everything a driver needs.

What’s unique about the Thinkware dash cam?

It’s a unique-looking dash cam, totally slim and good-looking, and yet packed full of useful features. It comes with a built-in thermal sensor too that ensures it never gets damaged from severe heat in your vehicle.

The dual-channel F200 Pro is configured in different ways – the front dash cam on its own, a bundle with the rear camera, and the 32GB SD card. The Thinkware Dash Cam F200 Pro takes exceptional 1080p video by day and night.

Videos are recorded to the SD card. The SD card is included. This dash cam that you want so much makes use of loop recording. The latest videos overwrite the oldest videos that you’ve saved. This means that the newer footage isn’t lost to you.

People become a bit concerned when they notice an absent screen with this dash cam. But it has a speaker grille on the back for audible alerts. There are also buttons for activating the wifi signal and recording function. LEDs to the left of the dash cam alert you to the camera being active.

What other features does the F200 Pro come with?

Control your F200 Pro by making use of your smartphone app through a wifi connection. You’ll be able to download and delete recorded footage. Download the app and connect your phone to the dash cam using wifi.

Does the Thinkware F200 have time lapse park mode?

The Time Lapse Parking of the Thinkware F200 dash cam mode records 2 frames per second. This ensures a lot more parking coverage. You need to hardwire the camera to your car to ensure the camera remains active when your car is switched off.

In parking mode, the camera switches to time-lapse video to save power. However, if it does sense any kind of impact, it goes back to recording mode.

Does the Thinkware F200 have an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)?

The Advanced Driver Assistance System in the Thinkware F200 is useful. It alerts the driver of things happening up ahead – people weaving and drifting out of lanes, and potential forward collisions.

These amazing safety features will see the camera giving you warnings about things up ahead that could jeopardize your road trip.

Is the Thinkware F200 worth the money?

The Thinkware F200 is neat, efficient and affordable so its worth the price tag. While the front cam records in 1080P Full HD at 30FPS, it’s 720P HD for the rear camera.

The F200 has a host of features not mentioned here can will all add value to your dash cam.

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