Are There Wireless Dash Cams?

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The truth of the matter is that there are no wireless dash cams. It’s just not a practical solution. Every dash camera is wired to the car’s battery.

However, if you mean to wirelessly connect to the dash cam using wifi and your smartphone, then there are many wifi-connected dash cams.

Wifi is about wireless technology used to connect a computer or your smartphone to the Internet. Nearly everyone has a wifi network or Internet connection in their home.

It is shared with different devices by means of a wireless router. So you’re connected to the Internet while you’re within your network coverage area. And dash cams?

Can you get wireless dash cams?

Yes dash cams can be wireless – as long as you exclude the cable that snake from the car’s battery or cigarette lighter to the camera.

Essentially a wireless dash cam allows you to stream footage to your smartphone or computer without the need for a USB cable.

All the major dash cams connect to a car’s battery via a cable. Most dash cams have internal batteries. This is to ensure recordings are saved if there were power failures.

The dash cams need that ongoing cable connection to run for any length of time. So to reiterate – there aren’t any truly wireless dash cams now.

Dash cam experts advise you to avoid any that run on batteries alone. A wireless dash cam doesn’t need to be removed from the vehicle to use wife. It eliminates the need to have a PC to view the footage.

Do you still need a computer for a wireless dash cam?

You don’t need a computer to operate a wireless dash cam. And nor do you need a USB cable. A wifi dash cam allows you to stream footage to your tablet or smartphone without the need for a USB cable.

When comparing a wireless dash cam to a non-wifi one, in the event of a car accident, dash cams provide instant proof. There is no need for a laptop or PC as you can see events live, on your smartphone.

(With a non-wifi dash cam, you’ve got to actually remove the dash cam or the memory card.)

A wireless dash cam will cost a bit more than a non-wireless comparable model. People are willing to pay more for a wireless dash. It can transfer recordings to your phone or computer.

But having said that, check your wifi dash cam. You want to be sure that you get the features you want. This is because not all wifi models are the same.

It is the wifi feature in a dash cam that pairs a smartphone to the dash cam. With the dash cam’s app open, you can change settings. You can also view and download footage – all from the app.

An SD card doesn’t have to be inserted into the computer. This is because everything is done from the phone. This is a huge bonus as you can share the footage with your family and friends.

It can also be shared with your insurance provider or the police. You can prove a point about an accident you were involved in.

Can you easily change settings?

Wireless dash cams offer many benefits, allowing you lots of functions. Changing the settings is one. The best wireless dash cam is the one that lets you change settings with ease. You can easily access footage and see the live views.

Your smartphone will work as a remote control to manage all aspects of the car camera. Wireless-enabled dash cams allow you to send videos through email, and upload footage to the Internet.

What is the best wireless dash cam?

You wireless dash cam best buy is this wifi dash cam from a trusted name in the business: the Vantrue (pictured here). This system puts everything you need from a dash cam right at your fingertips.

Vantrue prove that dash cams with wifi are a more costly luxury but worth every penny spent.

TIP: When you buy a wireless dash cam, always check storage capacity, heat tolerance,  cloud service for streaming, video quality, and night vision image quality.

What are the Top 10 wireless dash cams?

Here are the top 10 wireless dash cams, all available at Amazon:

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