Where Can I Get a Really Tiny Dash Cam?

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You don’t want any valuable car accessories conspicuous to prying eyes. That’s why a tiny dash cam is appropriate in your car. Hiding behind your rearview mirror and as small as a walnut or a box of matches it is not noticeable. What’s a really tiny dash cam? It’s the Garmin Mini 2.

How small is the Garmin mini 2 Dash Cam?

The Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2 has got a lot packed into its compact case. It measures just 1.23 x 2.1 x 1.5 inches. It’s a light dash cam with an adhesive mount to attach the camera firmly to the windshield.

This tiny dash cam is built to withstand sunlight and hot temperatures within the car. It’s super discreet and can be bought from the Garmin website as well as from Amazon.

What do you get in the box with the Garmin Mini 2?

● Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2
● Power cables
● Adhesive magnetic mount
● Dual USB power adapter
● Info on the camera

How do you send commands to the camera?

The settings setup is attractively simple too and its minimalist design allows for just two buttons – one to save videos and one to mute and unmute the microphone. With voice control, you can tell your dash cam to save a video and turn the audio recording on and off.

To save a video, you can simply say ‘Save Video’, and to take a picture, you can say ‘Take a Picture.

Voice control makes sure that you can keep your hands on the wheel. You just use voice commands to tell the camera to start an audio recording, save video, or take pictures.

What happens to saved videos?

Saved videos are stored in the online vault. From the time of upload, the video clips are saved in the vault for 24 hours. They can be accessed by making use of the Garmin Drive app on your smartphone.

How does the Garmin Drive app work?

Built-in Bluetooth technology and wifi connectivity means that you can upload saved footage to your smartphone with the Garmin Drive app. In fact, settings for your dash cam are configured using the Garmin Drive app. With the app, you can view and share your dashcam footage.

If you do opt to use lots of Garmin dash cams for video, the app uses Auto Sync. In other words, a network is set up so as to sync recordings. It’s useful because if you were in an accident, you can view footage from different angles and viewpoints. The app also organizes files so that you can easily find them.

Garmin’s app Drive can link up with four dash cameras and you can save the video. Users of this diminutive dash cam have been impressed with the picture quality – 1080p at 30 frames per second. The field of view is a wide 140°

Does the Garmin Mini 2 watch over a parked car?

People always stress about their parked cars. There’s always someone who bashes a shopping trolley into it or reverses into it and then speeds away. With a parking guard, you can be sure your car is being monitored when you’re not around.

This tiny dash cam from Garmin starts to record automatically when motion is detected. It will automatically alert you. It does this with video clip notifications to the Garmin Drive app. It requires a wifi connection and the Constant Power Cable which is sold separately.

While people understand that its small size can’t pack in every feature they’d like, they’re disappointed GPS is missing. Garmin’s larger dash cams come with lithium-ion batteries but this mini dash cam has a supercapacitor.

What do reviews say about the Garmin Mini 2?

Reviews say the Garmin Mini 2 is the ideal dash cam for most purposes. When you read customer reviews about this mini dash cam from Garmin, you find that most people are thrilled with the capabilities of the compact dash cam.

It turns on quickly and easily when you start your car and the red light alerts you that it is recording and simply getting on with what’s it’s designed to do.

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