Does a dash cam record sound?

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Several good quality dash cams currently on the market have built-in microphones. Does a dash cam record sound. Yes, those with mics do record sound. The user usually has the option of setting the camera to record audio. The microphone picks up mainly sounds inside the car but also outside. Be sure to check if the dash cam you choose has audio capability. (The Vizmaoi camera pictured above does record audio).

Do all dash cams have a microphone?

Many dash cam models have microphones that record audio. Where the feature is present, the user can elect to record sound or not. Reasons to use a cam with audio capability are to check the behavior of the driver (fleet owners like this) and to record happy memories, such as road trips or trips to the altar or the prom.

What does a dash cam record?

Does a dash cam record anything other than audio? Yes, apart from video and sound, dash cams record everything – date, time, location, speed and even the phase of the moon….. Be sure to check the specs of the dash cam you choose to find out what it records.

Does a dash cam record when the car is parked?

Dash cams with a Park Protect feature allow the camera to keep recording while the car is stationary and when the engine is off. But the user must set the camera for this feature. In addition, the camera must be hard wired to allow the feature work, as the camera needs power to operate when the car is off.

Does a dash cam record all the time?

Dash cams operate according to their settings. The user can program the camera to run continuously. The only limiting factor as to how long it will run is the power availability.

With some cameras the user can instruct the camera to record when the car is off and parked, but the camera must be set up for this (hard wired). Other dash cams can be voice-activated with Alexa.

Remember that video recorded to an SD card will loop, so new recording will wipe out the old recordings. But if the recordings are sent to the cloud via wifi, the video will be saved.

Do dash cams record front and back?

Some dash cam sets, such as the Nextbase 662 or the Z-Edge (see image) involve two cameras. The main records what goes on in front of the driver, while the secondary camera placed on the rear windshield videos the rear activity, such as aggressive tailgating.

Z Edge Dash Cam 1

Can dash cams record the interior of a vehicle?

Various front-only models such as the Garmin Tandem (pictured here) also film backwards inside the car. Uber drivers like these models to record their passengers for security reasons.

Garmin Tandem

What is the legality of dash cams?

Check your state for the legality of dash cams. That said, all the states in the US recognize the legality of dash cams, but some of them have rules about features and installation. Limitations relate mainly to where the camera may be placed (a lot of states don’t want them on windshields).

Does a dash cam reduce insurance premiums?

Installing and running dash cam does not automatically lead to reduced insurance premiums. But if you prove with dash cam footage that you were not responsible for a card accident, then your insurance company will pay out and your premiums will not increase. So indirectly having a dash cam helps to keep insurance premiums low.

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