Yes! The New Kickass Garmin Dash Cam is World Class

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You get a feeling of peace when you have a dash cam in your car. These dash cams are an eyewitness to what happens on the roads. They record and save footage when an accident occurs.

There are different brands of course, but Garmin dash cams are more trusted than others. After all, as a multinational technology company, they’ve been around for a while, having been founded in 1989 already. Their products are compact and discreet, like their Garmin 66W dash cam. Here’s a Garmin dash cam 66W review on what you can expect from this small dash cam.

Garmin dash cam 66W – small and unobtrusive

It measures just 1.6 x 2.2 x 1.4 inches so it’s not going to be blocking your line of view. When you turn the 66W dash cam on, it records continuously. If you press the bottom left-hand button manually it will take a photo, while holding it captures video.

The camera also stamps images and also includes GPS coordinates which is useful as it pinpoints precisely where an incident occurred. It has 4 buttons along the right side and a 2-inch display on the side that faces you. These buttons are where you do your controlling and configuration.

Using the dash cam is easy and among its features there is also voice control. You can use it to tell the dash cam to save a video, to stop recording audio or something else.

When you take possession of the Garmin 66W you get everything you need to set it up and get it into action. Garmin has also included 2 USB cables and magnet mounts and there is also the dual-port USB 12-volt adapter.

Garmin dash cam – wide field of view

The nifty dash cam from Garmin gives you a wide 180° field of view and captures 1440p video at 30 frames per second. In fact, that is where the ‘66W’ part comes from. The ‘W’ is telling you that this is a dash cam that offers this super-wide field of view. The phone app allows saving, viewing, and downloading images and data. By means of built-in wifi that connects to the device, you can stream real-time footage. Settings can also be adjusted with the app. This is useful and offers an alternative to having to use the small buttons on the camera.

You can be sure that with this dash cam, video quality is superb, capturing important details. What is useful and necessary is that the camera can be used in a parking-surveillance mode.

A feature-rich dash cam

When you do a bit of research, you find that the Garmin 66W may well cost a bit more more than other dash cams. It’s because its an immensely feature-rich model. Those who have used the dash cam like to use the cliché to describe it – it ticks all the right boxes’.

When you read customer reviews on the Garmin 66W you find that people seem concerned that the dash cam becomes hot to touch. Garmin however says they know their product well and that there is absolutely no cause for concern.

Other than that, Garmin as well as those who opt to use this small dash cam stand by the tiny camera. They like to use yet another cliché for it, describing it as dynamite in a small package. I like to think of it as a travelling companion, going with me to work or on vacation. It records everything that happens in, behind and in front of the car – and more.

Protect yourself against claims in the event of a car accident, and definitely use a Garmin dash cam if you are a trucker.

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