Alaska: Are Dash Cams Totally Legal in Alaska?

Dash cams are legal in Alaska so long as the camera does not obstruct the driver’s vision. This is according to Alaska Statue 13.04.225. The regulations also state that cameras may be smaller than five square inches when mounted on the driver’s side of the windscreen or dashboard, and less than seven square inches when mounted on the passenger side.

In what states can you not use a dash cam?

There are no US states where it is forbidden to use a dash cam. But in most states there are regulations about where a small dash cam may be placed (such as not affixed to the windshield where it obstructs the driver’s view). Car owners should also take note of the state laws governing surveillance of passengers (recording audio and video) without their permission.

In what state are dash cameras illegal?

There are no states in the US where dash cameras are illegal. However, there may be limitations on their use. Many states forbid dash cams from being fixed to windshields in case they obstruct the driver’s view.

Are dash cameras an invasion of privacy?

A good rule-of-thumb is that recording audio and video of people using a dash cam is invasion of privacy if done without their permission. The US states have regulations that vary in strictness regarding this general rule.

Can a dash cam get you in trouble?

Dash cams can get you in trouble inadvertently, so you must use them carefully. Often they record more than what’s going on inside or outside the vehicle. Also they pick up conversations that are going on inside the car. If this is not done with the permission of those being recorded, then this counts has illegal surveillance in many states. You could get into legal trouble. That said, in Alaska hardly any such court cases have emerged.

Why buy a dash cam in Alaska?

You should buy and install a dash cam in Alaska because:

  • Having dash cam footage recorded can help prove your innocence in the case of an accident.
  • When you are away from your vehicle, such as when you leave it in a parking lot, the dash cam keeps watch. It switches on if anyone touches the car and records what happens. It also sends an alert to your phone.
  • Recording what is going on in front and behind the vehicle can help other road users. If a car to the front or rear is in a crash, your video footage could help the innocent party if a court case or insurance claim results from the accident.
  • Having a dash cam installed and running in a vehicle in Alaska can get you out of a speeding ticket. If your dash cam has a GPS it can probably record your speed too. If you get a speeding ticket, you can compare your speed with the speed recorded by the traffic official’s system. If your dash cam recorded a lower speed, you could get out of a speeding ticket if the court accepted your dash cam’s reading.

Do Alaskan courts recognize dash cam footage?

Dash cam footage is admissible in Alaskan courts. So if you are accused of running a red light, for example, and you can prove by showing dash cam footage that you did not, the court will have no choice but to withdraw the charge. This is just once instance of where a dash cam can get you out of legal trouble. And that’s why it’s a good thing that dash cams are legal in Alaska.

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