Alabama: Are Dash Cams Legal in Alabama Now?

It is legal to use dash cams in vehicles in Alabama as long as the camera is NOT attached to the windshield or back window, as this would interfere with the driver’s vision. In Alabama it is legal to place a dash cam on the dash board, above the visor on the rearview mirror, or in the tail light well. The law also permits a dash cam to be placed inside the vehicle for interior monitoring.

What are the Alabama dash cam laws?

In terms of the general laws governing the operation of vehicles on public roads in Alabama, nothing that obstructs the driver’s vision is permitted. Therefore no dash cam may be affixed to a windshield or back window. However, dash cams can be placed on the dash or roll bar of a vehicle interior, or on the rearview mirror.

What’s the best place to mount a dash cam in Alabama?

The best places to mount a dash cam in terms of Alabama’s laws are the dash board or the rear window sill. You can also affix a camera inside the vehicle, such as on the rear view mirror or above the visor. The bottom line is that the dash cam should in no way interfere with the driver’s vision, which makes total sense.

Do surveillance regulations apply to dash cams?

Technically, dash cameras are a form of surveillance. However, there are no federal laws against using dash cams. Nevertheless, depending on where in the US you live, electronic surveillance laws may apply. These regulations may fall under the data protection laws in your area.

Federal laws regarding surreptitious audio recordings do apply in the US, so using a dash cam may be regarded as illegal if used to record conversations in your vehicle without the knowledge of those being recorded.

So you should tell people if you are recording them in the vehicle. Or simply switch off the audio option on your dash cam.

Why get a dash cam in Alabama?

Protect yourself against accusations of guilt if your vehicle is in a bumper bashing or a crash. Dash cam footage is admissible in court in Alabama.

You can also record your journeys and road trips. And if you have a ride hailing business then a good dash system is vital for filming what goes on in the vehicle. Remember to alert your passengers to the fact that you are recording the goings on in your car.

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