Where can I get a Dual Lens Mirror Dash Cam?

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For many, it is no good when a dash cam only captures what’s happening in the front of your car. What if someone rear-ends your vehicle? It’s precisely why people are asking the question ‘where can I get a dual lens mirror dash cam?’.

They’re looking for a mirror dash cam that clips on easily to their rear-view mirror. With the Wolfbox Dual Lens Mirror Dash Cam, there is a second camera that is most times positioned at the rear of your vehicle.

The idea is that a dual-lens dash cam will capture activity all around your car. The cameras can also be positioned to get views of the interior of the car.

Is the Wolfbox dual lens mirror dash cam discreet?

The Wolfbox dual mirror dash cam hooks onto your existing rearview mirror and acts as a mirror, a camera, and a touch screen display.

The innovative design is both discreet and incredibly user-friendly.

How does Wolfbox installation work?

Installing the Wolfbox dual lens mirror dash cam is simple with the included 12v power supply. If you’re using the front camera only, you can use the straps to hook the unit onto your rearview mirror.

All you need to do is plug the dash camera in and you’re set to go. You can also adjust settings to change and improve night vision as well as brightness.

If you want to use dual dash cam mode, find a suitable mounting point and then run the video signal cable from the back to the front unit.

With the dash cam’s 1080p you can always expect high-quality recording.

What about parking mode with Wolfbox?

This nifty car camera supports 24-hour parking mode but to use it, you will need to install the hardwire kit. This kit is available separately.

There is also the reversing-aid system. It can give you a better driving experience. It will show the wide-angle rear camera feed on the full touch screen display.

The clear quality of the camera assists with getting you to navigate any obstacles behind the car.

Is the Wolfbox mirror dash cam designed to last?

Yes, the design and build quality of the Wolfbox mirror dash cam is very good. On top of the front unit are the inputs for the rear camera and GPS antenna. Underneath you’ll find the on and off switch.

The rear camera is a sturdy metal construction. Whatever feed is on the rear camera is seen on the front cam’s full HD display. This is useful if your regular rearview mirror suffers from blind spots.

If the rear image is obscured, you can mount it outside the vehicle as it has an IP68 rating. This means it is both waterproof and dust-proof.

What role does the Wolfbox cam’s screen play?

The full touch screen is the camera’s display and interface. It’s a slightly curved screen, even though the body of the dash cam is flat. This helps it fit securely over the rearview mirror you have.

It uses a 6 layer glass lens to reduce glare and give a better night vision experience.

The IPS touch screen is completely configurable and will keep recording regardless of what is being displayed.

You can also use the touch screen to improve and change settings. An example is the sensitivity of the G sensor.

What comes in the box when you order the Wofbox 12” Mirror Dash Cam?

• The Wolfbox Rearview Mirror Camera
• User Manual
• Rear Dash Cam
• GPS Antenna
• 32GB TF Card
• 12v power cable
• Video signal cable

Can a mirror cam prove your innocence in a car accident?

Yes, these dual dash cams from Amazon come with one lens facing the road and the other facing the interior of the cab. They are ideal for checking all kinds of suspicious behavior in and around your car.

They will accurately provide video evidence that can prove a driver’s innocence when they’re involved in any kind of troublesome events.

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