Powerful Top Mirror Dash Cam for Car

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Dash cams are a necessary car gadget today as roads have become seriously hazardous to navigate. These mirror dash cams are used as a recording tool – recording footage that you can use later on.

If you’ve been in an accident the top mirror dash cam for car use will provide you with accurate details of what really took place.

Top mirror dash cam for car

A top mirror dash cam for car use such as the Wolfbox 12“ mirror dash cam backup camera will fit over the existing rearview mirror you have. These mirror dash cams also come with a camera that is fitted to the back number plate.

Wolfbox Mirror Dash Cam 1

What’s the best rear view mirror dash cam?

When you look at Amazon buying guides for the best /top mirror dash cam for car use you always get the Wolfbox dash cam mentioned.

The Wolf 12” is super easy to install too. Being a sleek dash cam, you simply mount it over the original rear mirror with rubber straps. Rear Camera Installation includes you attaching the dash cam above the license plate.

What do you get in the Wolfbox container?

● The 1296P Top Mirror Dash Cam for Car
● 32GB TF Card
● 1080P Backup camera
● 11-foot car charger
● 20-foot cable for the rear camera
● External GPS antenna
● User manual
● Rubber straps to attach the camera

Other Wolfbox features

● The Intelligent Driving Assistant System calculates the distance between vehicles and provides voice prompts for you to drive safely.

● The 12-inch Anti-glare Screen works hand in hand with the Day and Night HD Vision to ensure your dash cam picks up all the important details of your road trip.

● With GPS Tracking, the speed and direction you’re traveling are recorded. This is useful information should you require evidence for being involved in an accident. An external GPS logger will help to get all useful information on your trip.

● HD 1080P dual cameras and 310° wide angle will help with capturing footage. You get 170° front and 140° rear lens.

● The 6-layer lens and professional Sony IMX335 will even make sure that details on a car’s number plate are picked up.

● How many of us haven’t reversed accidentally into a pole or into another car? That’s the beauty of the Reversing Aid System on the Wolfbox 12. It comes with guidelines to allow you to reverse safely.

And more…

The Wolfbox boasts a G-sensor too, Loop Recording, Adjustable View Scope, Emergency Recording, GPS tracking, Parking Monitor, and Reverse Monitor.

Loop Recording is useful as it allows for continuous recording once the memory card reaches full capacity. The G-sensor detects the impact and then locks the collision footage.

With the Wolfbox 12-inch mirror dash cam, your review mirror is replaced. That means that it isn’t a distraction. Trust the dual-channel dash cam to make your road trips watched over. Unlike many other dash cams, the Wolf 12” includes a 32 GB SD card?

The dash cam comes with WDR Technology. This means it doesn’t matter what light conditions there are – WDR restores the true colors on the images.

A dash cam that gets the thumbs-up

The Wolfbox 12”, my pick as the top mirror dash cam for car, with dimensions 11.85 x 2.83 x 0.71 inches gets a thumbs up from people who have used it already. Customers say that this mirror dash cam on Amazon is an all-in-one dash cam packed full of features that other dash cams can only dream of.

The WolfBox 12 Inch Mirror Dash Cam with rear camera comes with unique intelligent driving assistance. When a vehicle overtakes, with the BSD or Blind Spot Vehicle Discern System, you get a beep to warn not to change lanes to avoid a collision.

With such amazing features, the top mirror dash cam for car use, the Wolf 12”, will surely get your thumbs-up too.

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