Is There an Easy Cordless Dash Cam for Front and Rear?

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A wireless or cordless dash cam is useful in that you can stream footage to your smartphone or computer minus a USB cable. So what is a cordless dash cam for front and rear? It’s a safety tool for drivers.

A dash cam such as the Autowoel 4K front and rear with its 2.45” HD screen can provide you with important evidence in the form of a photo or video of what took place in a vehicle accident.

A dash cam system like this one is made up of front-facing cameras as well as rear cameras. They automatically detect and capture safety-related driver behavior events. These can be things such as –

  • a driver suddenly braking
  • suddenly acceleration
  • cutting across traffic lanes
  • weaving in and out of traffic without any indication.

The dash cam then uploads labeled footage so that the driver can view video clip events in real-time or sometime later – usually up to about a week later.

A cordless dash cam is easy to install

What people particularly like about the Autowoel 4K cordless dash cam is its easy installation. It’s a magnetic installation and doesn’t require you to remove the factory rearview mirror in your vehicle. The dash cam records in 4K with 1080P Ultra HD resolution to ensure clear, bright images.

With this front and rear dash cam from Autowoel it’s a case of connecting the power cord to the camera and plugging the cord into one side of the vehicle’s interior trim. Once you have found a good place to mount the rearview camera, you connect it to the front camera.

This cordless dash cam performs well at night too. With the F1.8 lens and advanced WDR technology, the Autowoel dash cam captures more light automatically, adjusting the brightness to ensure accurate color images even in low light.

Some dash cams come with a parking mode. It starts recording when an impact is detected. We all know about this kind of thing when we return to our car and find someone scratched it badly. They have disappeared without leaving a note. A dash cam’s parking mode can let you track such a person down.

The Autowoel car camera doesn’t stop performing when your car’s engine is off. It supports 24-hour parking monitoring mode and idle mode. If you’re reversing, and the dashboard camera detects an impact, it will automatically record a short video.

Stored videos are protected

Emergency situations are detected too because of the tachograph with a built-in gravity sensor. When the G-sensor detects a collision, it will lock in the video and the evidence you need.

The built-in GPS can record your driving speed, your location as well as other important information. This information can be used as evidence later on when you’re trying to prove something.

The dash cam can be linked to your android or iOS device through wifi. With Loop Recording it will overwrite the older files that aren’t locked in once the micro SD card is full. But the Autowoel has the ability to lock a video file so that it isn’t overwritten.

Insurance companies accept dash cam footage

The Autowoel 4K is an effective dash cam that will keep tabs on how you drive as well as others on the road. It’s a useful device for finding out precisely who is at fault for causing a car accident. With dash cam footage beginning to be accepted by most insurance companies, it’s small wonder that interest in them is growing.

Americans increasingly use dash cams to record road trips and holiday adventures. Get an Autowoel cordless dash cam and discover the ease of using dash cam in your everyday travel life.

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